Technology Expert, Mario Armstrong Shares Holiday Tech Gifts They Actually Use!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list? How about a gift the recipient will actually use?! Even better! Technology expert, Mario Armstrong joined me recently to share the top gifts everyone on your list will adore and will actually use!!!







Candace Rose: What should we be looking for in the latest laptop?

Mario Armstrong: “Oh my gosh, Candace…there are so many choices out there. People need to take a step back and really make the smart decision, and really understanding what they want to buy and for who and how they’re going to use it. What’s really hot for this holiday, Microsoft has their newest Windows has their new operating system called 8.1.

And some great devices that are made for that include the Surface 2 (please see video above for details and to watch Mario demonstrate it.) This is their newest tablet, which I love. It has a full keyboard if you want to attach to it. It has 100,000 apps or more. Not only can you do videos and games, but you can also get business stuff done like using Office on here which is great.

Another thing that’s out that’s really nice is, Dell has the XPS 18. This is an 18inch screen tabletop computer, which means you can lay it completely flat or stand it up. It’s multi-touch, it has access to over 100,000 apps. This is great for the family. Put it in the living room and let the kids play or use it in the kitchen with your recipes- whatever you need, great computer for that.

And then I guess, another thing would be music is big. Lots of audio buffs out there and people that just love their sounds, especially during the holidays. A lot of Bluetooth speakers are out there, but I’ve been looking for something a little different and unique. Motorola and Sol Republic make a speaker called Deck, now what makes this so unique, Candace, is up to five devices can connect to this speaker, and this gives you control over the playlist. So each person can take control over their own device, and the music that comes out of that. This has huge range- it can go like 300 feet. Most Bluetooth devices can only go 30 or so feet. So the fact that you can set this in the living room, but still control it from the kitchen and the basement is still really fun. It has a boost mode for outside. You can pick this up at places like Radio Shack.”


Candace Rose: What about for the person who has everything?

Mario Armstrong: “This is the tricky person in everybody’s family. I have one in mine, and I’m sure you have one in yours. I just go personalize! I look for pictures, video clips- I try to figure out a way to really personalize something for that individual. In that case, I have a couple of deals that are out for the holiday.

Snapfish has something from HP that I’m holding right now (please see video above for details)- it’s the premium card set. These premium card sets are 5×7. You can put your custom photos on it, custom messaging on this and then send these out as your holiday gift cards. They’re really great- they’re 99 cents each and are really solid premium card quality stock.

If you want to bump it up, you could go with their photo calendars. They have a great photo calendar gift pack that includes three calendars. You can customize the calendar, customize the dates and the information on it. It even gives you three sleeves to put the calendars in, which is customizable as well. You get three calendars and the sleeves for $34.99. It’s a super great budget gift that’s totally personalized.

If that doesn’t do the trick, Candace….then MasterCard has something for you that you might like. It’s called Priceless Cities program. You log onto their website:, and you can buy unique experiences- think VIP statuses. You can buy experiences to games, sporting events, dining out, travel- just think extravagant really cool experiences.

And if that personalization doesn’t do it for you, then I’m pulling all my cards out right now! How about your own gift card from MasterCard that has your own face on it? You can upload your friend’s face or whoever you’re giving the gift to, put it right on the MasterCard gift card and had that off to them so they can go shopping.

And if that’s not good enough, at the end of the day since I’m speaking about faces and images…a great stocking stuffer that makes you look good during the holiday season would be this particular shaving blade by Schick, it’s called the Hydro 5. My skin is very sensitive to shaving, it has aloe vera gel already built into the little reservoir, five ultra blades, and I can even trim my moustache if I need to do that.

You can look good, and find something for everyone this season in a variety of different price ranges that should please somebody on the list.”

Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much Mario. Where can we go for more information?

Mario Armstrong: “Great question! Head over to”



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