How to Stay Fashionable and Warm with Cozy Fall Essentials!

Stay Warm & Cozy with These Fall Essentials

Bundle Up! Just like mom said. It’s that season again and if you are looking for fall essentials to stay warm and cozy, here are 10 items you’ll need:


1. Let’s start at the top. Where’s your hat?
Heat can escape from any part of the body that isn’t covered including the head and while a hat may be the last thing you put on when you head out, this should be the first item on your fall essentials list. Hats are made to be worn outside and in. Get one for every outfit if you’d like! I started off with this ASOS wool mix beanie, as this knit look will be a hot trend this winter.

ASOS Wool Cap

ASOS Wool Mix Beanie



2. Who doesn’t love a matching scarf?
Warmth around the neck is almost as important as the head, and a scarf is an accessory that is built for warmth and style. It’s an added layer to whatever ensemble you choose to wear. This two color scarf from Zara will mix up add an edge to any outfit.




3. Not a fan of coats? A sweater is better.
Sweaters come in all shades, patterns, and lengths, and they keep you warm, but the best part is that they’re less bulky than coats. Pick a cardigan or pullover; just make sure the material is soft on the skin unlike itchy wool sweaters (no thank you!) The right sweater can be a walking blanket, soft, warm and a little fuzzy, but always comfortable and they’re great for work or play.

4. Double the fabric, twice the warmth! Layer up!
Grab a cami and a shirt or two, make sure they are loose-fitting and lightweight, then put one on top of the other to create an impenetrable force of heat and a cute combination of colors. Layering is great because again it removes the bulkiness but leaves you feeling warm.
5. What about the bottom?
Jeans can be worn all year round, but knit tights and stockings do not have the same versatility, however, because tights are tight, stuffing them into boots during the winter is not a problem like it can be with jeans. Tights are easy to put on, affordable, stretchy and warm if they are made of thicker material and they create extra leg warmth. Stockings and knit tights add a bit more heat to legs without creating unnecessary layers.

6. Fancy Footwear for Fall!
Sheepskin-created boots with an extreme amount of heat, not to mention softness–yep I’m talking about Uggs. They are a walking pair of slipper boots that keep the cold from attacking your feet. Boots of any kind are easy to put on in most cases, and they come in so many varieties: short and tall, with or without laces, buckles, buttons or snaps. Check out the new seasonal Uggs at Footwear Etc.!




7. But before you lace up those boots make sure you have socks!
Long socks make tucking jeans into boots a lot easier. Tuck them into your socks first, creating a tight grip that won’t let up. The warmest socks are thicker in material and are made of a furry material. Some socks even come lined with aloe vera, talk about cozy!

8. Get cozy underneath the covers.
Blankets on top of blankets create layers of added heat, but beyond that, footie pajamas (no they’re not just for kids) soak up the body heat you have. It feels like you’re in a thermal envelope, and if you’re not a fan of onesie style clothing, try the two-piece with footies attached to the bottom!

9. I mentioned sheep before–don’t forget fleece!
It’s soft and comfy and comes in a variety of clothing styles. Fleece, gloves, hats, scarves, pullovers, and jackets are made every year for retail. Feel free to embrace the heat that fleece wraps you in.

10. Good food from the stove or oven.
The fall brings holidays that require good food. So turn on the stove, make a delicious meal and you’ll see how fast your house and soul warm up. Here are a few of my favorite dishes for the winter:


 Chicken and Dumplings Photo and Recipe from The Pioneer Woman

Chicken and Dumplings
Photo and Recipe from The Pioneer Woman

And a little something for dessert—
Rustic Caramel Apple Pie
Photo and recipe from Chatelaine


Rustic caramel apple pie recipe. Photo and recipe from Chatelaine

Rustic caramel pie recipe. Photo and recipe from Chatelaine.


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