How to Plan A Fun Girls Night Out with Fashion Expert, Jamie Krell

Happy Friday! Are you planning on hanging out with your besties this weekend, but not sure what you should do or how to plan it in such short time? If so, you’re in luck! Fashion and lifestyle expert, Jamie Krell joined me recently to share her favorite tips on how to throw the perfect girls night out! She even dished on her favorite mocktail recipe, and offered fashion advice for the memorable big night.

Fashion expert, Jamie Krell shares tips on how to throw the perfect girls night out...just in time for the weekend! Image courtesy of

Fashion expert, Jamie Krell shares tips on how to throw the perfect girls night out…just in time for the weekend! Image courtesy of







Candace Rose: What’s the secret to planning the perfect “girls night out” and what do we need to keep in mind?

Jamie Krell: “I think it’s great to take advantage of being with your girls. I’m definitely a girly girl- I love my ladies. When you get all your besties together, I like to take advantage and make it last as long as I possibly can. So instead of just heading out on the town, I like to have people over first and sort of entertain and hang out for a few hours- get ready together, hang out for a few hours beforehand. But a lot of women and girls can be overwhelmed when they entertain but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

So two key things to think about before you’re having your girls come over for a girls night out is to try to set the mood, and the easiest way to do this is with music. I like to use an app called SONGZA, and there’s actually a pre-gaming and ‘girls night out’ option so you can literally just tap it and it will create a really fun girls night out playlist at the touch of literally a button on your phone. It does all the work for you, and it’s FREE which I love!

I also like to create a theme when it comes to food and table decor. So something that’s been a go-to for me is to serve finger foods- sushi is really easy and delicious. So I go to my favorite local restaurant, I pick up sushi- you can even make some easy cucumber, cream cheese hand roll if you have the time as well. I set the table accordingly, so little cute succulents and Chinese takeout boxes and tea lights are really affordable and easy. It goes with the whole theme and creates the mood.”


Candace Rose: What are mocktails and how do we create them?

Jamie Krell: “I am currently obsessed with mocktails especially leading up to the holiday season, there’s a lot of eating and drinking that goes on and you tend to not always feel so great. The idea of mocktails, it’s a great way to have something delicious and will fill you up for the night and stay hydrated in a really natural, healthy way.

I like to make mocktails using tea- and my absolute favorite is from Good Earth, and it’s called Matcha Maker, and it uses Matcha green tea, which has been known to have all these great beneficial antioxidant properties. It really has been known to be good for hydrating from within. It’s good for the skin, it makes you feel good- and you’re going to hydrate before for hours ahead eating and drinking. So do something good for your body before you hit the town.

Now, a Matcha Maker Shaker Cocktail is something that I created and it’s really easy to do. All you do is take your Good Earth Matcha Maker tea bag and put it with hot water, and then you just pop it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before your friends come over. And then with your extra ginger from all the sushi you picked up, just chop some ginger, add some lime, put your cool tea with it- so you’ve muddled your ginger and lime, stirred it together, pour it over ice and you have a great signature drink so you don’t have to worry about getting mix and match drinks for everyone…you can serve your signature mocktail and everyone will be happy! They drink and eat their sushi, and you can have fun before you go out.”

Candace Rose: How about when it comes to fashion- what should girls wear on the perfect girls night out?

Jamie Krell: “I think for fashion, you can really make some more bold choices when you’re with your girls because you don’t have to worry about dressing for the men or the boys. I like to pull inspiration from some of my favorite fashion bloggers- so there might be a more fashion forward look that I pull inspiration from. I think it’s okay to take those fashion risks when you’re with your friends because they’ll appreciate that you did that. And you can have a little mini fashion show together. I also like the idea of, ‘Mad Men’ is one of my favorite shows so you can do a signature bold red lip that sort of mimics that whole feel. Or of course ‘Sex and the City’ is another example so you can mimic your favorite characters you associate most with. It is a great time to take the fashion risks, you can be a little bit more fashion forward when the boys aren’t around.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else you can do when you’re out and about to make the night memorable?

Jamie Krell: “I like using Instagram a lot because most of us are on it, or your friends are on it…so you can tag each other, filter the photos beautifully and have it as part of your keepsake photo diary to look back on, and you can all look back on it and remember a really great night out that you all had together.

There’s also a great app called ‘Takes’ which actually takes all of your pictures from the night and creates these little vignette videos, which is also a fun keepsake as well.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much, Jamie! Where can we go for more information on everything you mentioned?

Jamie Krell: “You can go to, and you can actually watch me make my signature Good Earth Matcha Maker Shaker green tea mocktail, and you can get some other great ideas and tips on those videos as well.”


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