Holiday Gifts for You and Your Cat with Pet Expert, Elle Fowler

Our pets are a big part of our lives, and why not celebrate them during the holidays? If you’re looking for a great gift for your cat, (I know I will be for Grayson) or want to know how you can help save homeless pets in need, you’ve come to the right place! Pet expert and cat lover, Elle Fowler joined me to discuss how we can incorporate cats in our holiday decorations, how we can give back to cats in need, and how can we make sure our cats get a special treat too!




Candace Rose: How can we incorporate cats into our holiday decorations?

Elle Fowler: “Well, my cat Pinecone and I have partnered with Fancy Feast to bring Feastivities, which is a holiday celebration for all things cat. And with that comes great gifts for both cats and cat lovers.

For your cat we have this cat teepee (please see video for details), this is Pinecone’s favorite thing…he just hangs out in here all day long. He thinks it’s his little hideaway, he just loves it.

There’s also a cute snowflake collar that has some glitter bits inside of it, I think it’d be particularly good for a little girl cat. And for the boy cats we have a bow tie collar. Pinecone loves this, when I put this on him. He just feels so fancy, I can just tell he thinks he’s going to a fancy dinner.”


Candace Rose: How can we give back to cats in need?

Elle Fowler: “Fancy Feast (every year) has the tradition where they launch a holiday ornament. This year the holiday ornament was actually printed on an antique press which is quite cool, I’m really into antiques…so I think that’s really nice detail. It’s available to order with a two dollar donation to which is the nations largest non-profit pet adoption website. It’s all about finding owners for homeless pets, so just the donation alone is a great way to give back to pets in need.”


Candace Rose: Holidays are all about the food. How can we make sure our cats get a special treat too?

Elle Fowler: “Fancy Feast has created a Gravy Lovers Entree, and there’s one in particular that’s actually Turkey Feast and Gravy. And this Thanksgiving while my family is enjoying our turkey feast, Pinecone is going to be getting his own turkey feast with the Gravy Lover’s entree. And they’re also the perfect size for a stocking, so he’s going to be getting a couple in his stocking…it’s a secret, so don’t tell him.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much, Elle! Where can we go for more information?

Elle Fowler: “You can find out more information on everything I talked about here by going to”


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