Holiday 2013 Entertaining with Ease with Kristina Vanni

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a little over a week away?! If you’re hosting the annual Thanksgiving dinner, and looking for tips to help you prepare it with ease, you’re in luck! Food expert and blogger, Kristina Vanni joined me recently to share her favorite tips and must have products for the kitchen to ensure your party is a hit and you actually get to relax! 😉



Candace Rose: How can we entertain with ease this holiday season?

Kristina Vanni: “I think that the key is being prepared. It’s making sure that you have the right tools on hand, as well as some staples on hand during the holidays.

When it comes to those kitchen tools that are really going to reduce some of the stress when it comes to preparing recipes for guests- for me what’s indispensable is the Vitamix Professional Series 750. In the kitchen this will help you create dips and drinks and hot soups. You can even make really impressive sauces. Here I have (please see video above for details) a blackberry five berry sauce, that’s fantastic drizzled over grilled chicken or pork. One of my favorite things about this appliance is it has a cleaning cycle, so it makes the cleanup really quick and easy. That to me is a stress reducer when the cleanup is easy.

When it comes to staples to have on hand, I like to think of things that are fresh and in season, like of course fresh pomegranates. They’re in season right now! Here I have the Pom Wonderful fresh pomegranates and these are wonderful to really incorporate into your dishes or even your cocktails this year. You can toss the arils into some of your favorite recipes and it adds a really nice crunch. This is a really nice staple to have on hand.

Dessert. Dessert is when people can get a little anxious; baking can intimidate some people, so here’s some ideas from Sara Lee- I have the Sara Lee New York style Pumpkin Cheesecake as well as the All Butter Pound Cake, so you can enjoy these right after thawing. We dressed them up a little bit and added a little interest here by drizzling on the pumpkin cheesecakes with caramel sauce and pecans. With the pound cake, I’ve just served it with some fresh berries and homemade whipped cream. Both of these are made with high quality ingredients that will impress your guests.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the new Lindt Excellence individually wrapped chocolates. These are made from the highest quality ingredients and they’re individually wrapped so it makes them great party gifts, and a nice little individual indulgence. What I like to do at parties is do a wine pairing. Here I have a glass of Pinot Noir. I think Pinot Noir pairs nicely with Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt. It’s just another thing to sort of elevate your soire and take it to the next level and really impress your guests.”

Candace Rose: Well, thank you so much, Kristina! Where can we go for more information?

Kristina Vanni: “If you want more holiday tips and recipes, you can always check out my blog, which is at”





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