Holiday 2013 Camera, Laptop, Tablet and Stocking Stuffer Must Haves with Technology Expert, Katie Linendoll

Believe it or not the holiday season is upon us! If you’re still in disbelief that today is November 1st, you are definitely not alone…I am right there with you. With the holiday shopping season officially here, tech expert Katie Linendoll was kind enough to join me this morning to dish on the top camera, tablet, laptop and stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.


Candace Rose Anderson: How can we make holiday shopping easier?

Katie Linendoll: “I think the great thing about it is nowadays we can actually turn to online shopping and not have to leave our home or our apartments at all. I’ve put together some of my favorite gadgets for the holiday season, and the awesome part is I’ve given you a one stop shop. Amazon’s 2013 Electronic Holiday Gift Guide is the go-to destination for all of these gadgets and 350 other electronic gadgets as well.

I want to start with probably the most popular gift this holiday season which is of course TABLETS! People always ask me ‘What’s a great full sized tablet that has everything – all the specs and features that I need inside there?’ Amazon’s Kindle Fire line, they have a Kindle Fire HDX line that they just launched with two new sizes. There’s a seven inch model and also an 8.9 inch model. I’ve got to run through some of these specs because I think a lot of people don’t even realize how much is packed inside here:

  • High def displays
  • 11 hour battery life
  • Quad Core Processor with Dolby Audio
  • Web Chat capability
  • Super Fast Browser
  • 25 million songs
  • 120,000 movies and apps right at your fingertips
  • Mayday button for anyone that’s not tech savvy- if you have a tech question while you’re on the tablet, hit the mayday button and response time is typically within 15 seconds and Amazon Service Rep will get right to you and help you with any tech question you may have.
  • For Parents: Kindle Free Time is an awesome little option- you can create a separate profile for any kid and it actually sets time limits for the amount of time they’re watching videos, reading or playing with apps. In terms of all the specs and features, Kindle Fire HDX line 7″ model and 8.9″ model.”

Candace Rose Anderson: What are some of the most popular cameras this season?

Katie Linendoll: “A lot of people ask about cameras and wonder ‘do we really need a camera with our smartphone these days?’ I totally get it, I’m one of those people too who use all the different filters and edits on the app side, but really to kick it up a notch and have that near professional quality photo without having to do anything, let Canon do the work for you. I’ve been using the Canon Rebel line for about a decade now…since the days of film.

I love the Rebel line, and this one here is an SL1 (please see video above) this is the lightest most compact DSLR on the market these days. Again, very easy to use. You don’t have to be intimidated by having a DSLR: Touchscreen LCD, great for any kind of shot be it low light or action. And overall just a solid performing unit for the compact size. So again, Canon Rebel SL1.”

Candace Rose Anderson: Do you have any ideas for tech stocking stuffers?

Katie Linendoll: “Let’s start with this guy first, I know what you’re thinking ‘I know that’s a thumb drive, but what’s so great about a thumb drive?’ I like to call this ‘thumb drive 2.0 (please see video above). This is a SanDisk flash drive. On it it has a power button, you turn this baby on, and what’s really cool is you can actually stream and share files with up to eight devices with a free app. Now for example I had all this pics and video of this trip I took to Bermuda a few weeks ago- I put them on the flash drive and then my friends and I sat around with the iPhones and we were flying through the photos and videos. It’s a super cool way to actually carry your photos and videos with you. It’s portable and practical stocking stuffer gift.

Before I forget, in terms of stocking stuffers one gadget I’ve always asked for are noise canceling headphones. Probably one of the most important reasons is because I travel a lot, and you have screaming babies on the plane…it’s a six hour flight coast to coast and you feel like you’re going crazy. Once you have noise canceling headphones, I’m telling you, you will never go back. These (please see video above) are from Bose, the leader in sound quality. People think that noise canceling headphones are big and bulky…these are ear buds, I’ve tested them and they won’t fall out. I’ve used them at the gym, I’ve taken them traveling. The awesome part is you can put them right inside your purse. There are two different modes: there’s a block out the world mode, and also a listen in mode. It’s an amazing little practical gadget for somebody who is a traveler, a business traveler or somebody that’s hard to buy for and loves their technology.

And last but not least, you can see is an HP Chromebook. This is all on the Cloud. You can beat the $270 price point. Nowadays you’re spending thousands of dollars on a laptop. Access everything you need off the Cloud just by logging into your GMail account. It’s sleek, it’s compact 2.3 pounds, 11.6 inches screen, six hours of battery life. You can actually charge it with an Android charger. It’s got a web cam, two USB ports has you covered.

As I’ve noted, the great part about all of this is it’s all on and it’s easy enough to do with a gift card from Amazon as well. They even break down the categories of people you can buy for- whether it is that traveler or whether it is that gadget lover. Make it very simple and trust me there will be something there that you’ll like.”


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