Fashion: Bright Colorful Must Have Running Shoes for Fall/Winter 2013

When January 1st hit nearly 10 months ago I made it a point that this was the year I would finally take time for myself. I feel incredibly blessed to have the amazing opportunities I have as a writer/blogger, but I’m also a full-time caregiver for my grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s, which takes up a huge portion of my time and life. As tough as it is, there’s nothing that makes me happier than when she remembers my name! This year I’ve allowed myself to not only get together with friends more, but work in the garden with my mom, photograph our flowers and the Sand Hill cranes across the street, play with my fur kids, take on my fair share of DIY projects (who knew I loved spray paint??? More of that to come in the future) and I’ve now decided that I’d like to try running again. I felt better when I exercised quite a bit, and I’d like to give that another go. Speaking of running, I’m excited to finally buy a new pair of running shoes! I’ve often heard that you should be fitted for running shoes, but I recently conducted an interview with a renowned physician and triathlete who mentioned that being fitted for shoes isn’t always a necessity. YAY! I’ve had my eye on a pair of Nike Free’s (my favorite) and so many more!

Here are a few of my absolute fav running shoes for fall 2013!






I ordered these Purple Nike Free Run sneakers this week, can’t wait until they get here:

























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