Elisa Donovan Talks “Dancing With The Stars”, Daughter Scarlett and Her Role as Mom Blogger on People.com!

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of speaking with “Clueless” icon, Elisa Donovan about her new role as mom to daughter, Scarlett and how she juggles her busy acting career, motherhood and being a celebrity mom blogger on People.com. This morning, Elisa was kind enough to join me this morning…this time to chat about “Dancing With The Stars!” One of her friends recently created a Facebook page to get her on the show, and she already has well over 2,000 fans. Elisa dished on what it would mean for her to be a contestant on the show and have her daughter in the audience, her favorite dance and much more!



Clueless icon Elisa Donovan and future Dancing With The Stars contestant! Image courtesy of Facebook.com

Clueless icon Elisa Donovan and future Dancing With The Stars contestant! Image courtesy of Facebook.com



Candace Rose: One of your friends recently created a Facebook page to get you on “Dancing With The Stars.” Can you tell us about that?

Elisa Donovan: “Oh this is a great story!! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the show, and I am a closet salsa dancer…as in, I used to keep shoes in the trunk of my car so that I could go at a moments notice, which I did.  Often.  (But since having Scarlett, that has taken a major back seat, for obvious reasons: it’s not so realistic to throw my heels on at 10pm on a Monday and go out dancing…!). So a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine said, sort of as a joke, “I’m going to start a Facebook page for you, to get you on DWTS.” And he did. Then the next thing you know—Perez Hilton posted a piece about it, and asked me to shoot a video.  So we shot this funny video,  and he posted it. Then Entertainment Weekly picked it up, the Daily News, Zap2it and a bunch of other entities started to write articles about this campaign! We were like “Ummmmmm– is this really happening??!” And so I said, YES, I’d love to! It has been a ball so far, a kind of grassroots thing that has caught on.  I am beyond flattered and can’t believe how supportive people have been, it’s awesome.  Now I’m really excited at the prospect, so we will see.  I would absolutely love to do it.  So tell everyone to “Like” the page!!”

Candace Rose: What would it mean to you to be a contestant on the next season of “DWTS”?

Elisa Donovan: “It would be such a wonderful opportunity! I would love to do the training and really push myself to learn and improve.  Everyone says it is such an extraordinary experience– as life changing as it is fun. And I would love to have my daughter Scarlett in the audience cheering me on! She loves music already– literally, if the stereo isn’t on when gets up in the morning, she walks over to it and points and shakes her hips around. It’s hilarious.”


Elisa Donovan and daughter, Scarlett. " Thanks 4 the fab family photos, @NiallDavid xoxo!" Elisa Donovan. Image courtesy of Facebook

Elisa Donovan and daughter, Scarlett. ” Thanks 4 the fab family photos, @NiallDavid xoxo!” Elisa Donovan. Image courtesy of Facebook.com/


Candace Rose: If you are selected to be a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” next season, what dance are you most looking forward to?

Elisa Donovan: “Definitely the salsa!  I realize that I keep saying that I would be awesome on this show– but the reality is, salsa is actually the only dance I truly know how to do…! I think the jive looks the toughest– I don’t get the rhythm of it.”

Candace Rose: You’re a successful mom blogger on People.com. What’s that been like?

Elisa Donovan: “It has been so much fun for me– and a great creative outlet.  I really enjoy sharing the realities and the truths of motherhood.  It can be very isolating at first– being a new mom.  And it has been wonderful to connect with other women in this way.  I believe that humor can be a great source for growth and healing– and I very much bring humor into it the equation…it’s a life saver sometimes!”


Candace Rose: What can your fans do to get you on “DWTS”?

Elisa Donovan: “They can follow me on Twitter @RedDonovan and they can go to the Facebook page and click “Like” here:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Elisa-Donovan-get-on-Dancing-With-The-Stars/484136445016974?directed_target_id=0.”


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