Diabetes Expert, Molly Gee On How Diabetics Can Maintain their Diet During Holiday Season

The holidays are typically a time when many of us indulge on decadent delicious food, we normally wouldn’t eat the rest of the year. It can be especially difficult for those (like many of my family members) who are diabetic.

If you suffer from diabetes or your loved one is a diabetic, you definitely won’t want to miss out on the great tips renowned nutritionist and registered dietitian, Molly Gee shared this morning on how you can stay fit and eat healthy while on the road to grandma’s house or while celebrating at your holiday work party.



Candace Rose: The holiday season tests everyone’s diet, but especially diabetics. Why is this?

Molly Gee: “There’s a lot of temptation around with the holidays. Most everyone equates it with food, and certainly this is why people with diabetes really need to focus and be aware that proper nutrition is a cornerstone to managing blood sugars. This is why as a registered dietitian I work with nutrition leaders like Abbott to provide practical, sensible tips to help people with diabetes make it through the holidays.”

Candace Rose: How can those who are traveling this season maintain proper nutrition?

Molly Gee: “Well, I think that comes up to my number one tip- is keeping in mind that we are busy and we are traveling…whether it’s to other cities to visit family and friends or whether it’s just having a marathon at the shopping mall, we’re on the go. It’s important to really carry portable nutritious snacks- things like nuts, string cheese, whole wheat crackers, fruit. I especially like to recommend Glucerna Advance nutrition shake because it’s really designed for people with diabetes to help minimize those blood sugar spikes. So you could be proactive in making sure that you have good nutrition with you at all times.”


Candace Rose: How can your family get involved in helping you eat healthy and exercise?

Molly Gee: “You mentioned exercise, that’s kind of my number one tip. My number two tip is looking at how we can definitely sneak exercise in. First of all you have to know where you stand, and this is where a pedometer would be of great help. You essentially check your steps, and I tell my patients the steps you take in the shopping mall count too; but challenge yourself each day to increase the number of steps you are taking, and then those of us that have smartphones…take advantage of technology. There are a lot of free apps, but two of my personal favorites are ‘MyFitnessPal’ and ‘SparkPeople’ because you can record not only your physical activity, but also track your diet so you know exactly where you stand. That accountability is so important in behavior change.

With family and friends, get them on the bandwagon too because certainly people with diabetes, they’re an example and an inspiration to their family and loved ones to see they make it through the holidays perfectly fine still managing their diabetes and enjoying the real meaning of the holidays, and that’s the family and the friendships.”

Candace Rose: Absolutely! Where can we go for more information?

Molly Gee: “For more information, more tips, more recipes go to Glucerna.com.”


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