4 Common Holiday Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog


Whether it’s a Thanksgiving spread or a Christmas feast, everyone loves an indulgent meal during the holidays.  When we’re gathering around the table with our loved ones, it’s easy to want our pets to join in on the fun of eating. However, many of the typical staples on your holiday buffet may actually be harmful to your canine.  Here are four common holiday foods you should never give your dog:


Don't let your dog eat these four harmful foods.

Don’t let your dog eat these four harmful foods.


1) Meat and Poultry Bones

After you’ve finished off that holiday ham and your refrigerator is filled with leftover turkey, you might be tempted to hand over the discarded bones to your pooch. While your dog may love the idea of all that gnawing, bones may actually be hazardous to your pup’s health.  Dogs can easily get choked by fragments as the bone breaks down. He or she can even swallow small shards that can cause slight cuts in the throat and the lining of his or her intestines. In addition to those punctures, bits of bones can block your dog’s digestive system causing discomfort.  Stick with packaged bones from the pet store if you want to give your dog a holiday treat.

2) Party Nuts

Many of us put out a canister of assorted party nuts for our holiday guests to enjoy. They’re quick, easy and always a crowd-pleaser. However, consuming certain types of nuts may have damaging effects on your dog’s health. Even just a handful of dropped macadamia nuts can cause adverse reactions ranging from severe vomiting and fatigue to partial paralysis and even death. Keep your canine out of the dining area to minimize risk of ingesting the nutty remnants of clumsy party-goers. If you don’t want your pup to miss out on the holiday fun, skip the nuts entirely to make sure Fido stays safe this season!

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3) Raisins and Currants

Whether you love it or hate it, fruitcake is synonymous with the holidays. Other treats like oatmeal raisin cookies and rum raisin bread pudding are popular this time of year as well. While desserts featuring raisins and currants may be tasty options for your human guests, they can actually be toxic to your dog. Symptoms include lethargy, vomiting and kidney problems. If he or she eats too many, it can even prove fatal. It’s best to keep any goodies that contain these particular dried fruits away from your pooch. That means no fruitcake doorstop!  You don’t want anything harmful to be within easy reach of your canine pal.

4) Chocolate

Most dog owners are aware of the danger associated with a dog’s ingestion of chocolate. However, it’s especially important to remember the risk chocolate poses to pups during the holiday season. From chocolate pecan pie to chocolate yule log cakes, our holiday tables usually include several chocolate-based desserts that could easily be dropped and gobbled up by hungry pups. Side effects can range from tummy troubles and diarrhea to an increased heart rate and death. Even just a few ounces is enough to be a deadly dose, especially if your dog is a toy breed. Place those canines in another room during the festivities or serve non-chocolate choices like sweet potato or pumpkin pie at your gatherings just to be on the safe side.

Mind Your Furry Friends!

We all love spending time with family and friends during the holiday season. That includes our furry friends!  However, you should never let your pet’s safety get lost in the excitement of hosting holiday parties and get-togethers. By keeping these common holiday foods away from your dog, you can ensure that everyone in your family will have a safe and happy holiday!


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