14 Must Have Turtlenecks for Winter and the Holiday Season!

Last Saturday was a monumental day for my photography shop and new found DIY addiction, because I was finally going to start selling my prints, note cards and chalkboards at a local craft fair. I’d been working diligently on getting everything prepared, and in fact I was so excited that I thought I’d even curl my hair (yes, big step lol). I had Pandora on, was singing at the top of my lungs when all of a sudden I burned my neck with my trusty curling iron. I don’t know how I did it, and no it wasn’t the side of my neck….it was directly in front! Well, I guess should know how I did it…the thing gets so hot it came with glove to wear when you use it!

That day, I felt it necessary to explain to everyone who came to my booth that the big red mark and welt on my neck was from my curling iron. It was so embarrassing!!! Over the last few days I’ve been trying my best to hide the front of my neck with a scarf, but I’m always having to readjust the scarf, it’s that big. Ahhh times like these I wish I owned a great turtleneck! Tell me again, why I’ve been obsessed with cowlnecks for so long?! 😉 Well, since I’m now on the hunt for a fab turtleneck (I have a feeling that’s all I’ll be wearing for at least the next few weeks) I figured I’d share some of my great finds with you. From the looks of these gorgeous pieces, I’ll be pairing them with jeggings, wide leg trousers, denim skirts, flares (the list goes on) this entire winter.



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