E-book Singles 101 and the Top Trends in E-Books with Thin Reads, Howard Polskin

Are you an E-book singles fan? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Thin Reads LLC’s Howard Polskin joined me recently to dish on the top trends in E-book singles for 2013, and why they’re so popular!

Thin Reads Howard Polskin

Thin Reads, Howard Polskin dishes on the top trends in e-book singles!


Candace Rose: For those who aren’t familiar with e-book singles, can you tell us about them?

Howard Polskin: “E-book singles are written works of nonfiction or fiction that are longer than 20 pages but shorter than 100 pages.  The form was pioneered by Amazon and has existed since the beginning of 2011.  My website, Thin Reads, which is the only regular source of information about e-book singles, maintains the world’s largest database of e-book singles. There are about 1,000 titles in my database.”


Candace Rose:  Why are e-book singles so popular these days?

Howard Polskin: “First of all, they appeal to on-the-go mobile consumers.  Because of their length, they are easy to read on a smartphone or tablet.  Many forms of content consumption are taking place on smartphones and e-book singles are an ideal form of content for this platform.  Price is also a factor.  Most e-book singles cost about $2.  At that price point, they are an impulse buy.  And finally, most people are way too busy to read a full-length book.  It’s an extraordinary time commitment.  But an e-book single only requires about one to two hours.  In that amount of time, the reader can be fully entertained or informed for the cost of a cup of coffee.”

Candace Rose:  What are the latest trends in e-books?

Howard Polskin: “Each week, Thin Reads publishes an exclusive Kindle Singles best-sellers chart. Here’s what we’ve learned by tracking best-sellers all year.   In fiction, the list is entirely dominated by big name authors like Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Karin Slaughter, Lee Child and Nelson DeMille. If you’re an unknown and hope to break in with a fiction e-book single….sorry, you’re sailing into a very stiff wind.  The nonfiction list is very different.  Any one with a good idea can have a break-out hit.  There’s a lot of fiction geared toward women with S&M themes.  Another category that does quite well is what I call the literature of personal shame.  It features extremely candid, somewhat humorous memoirs (mostly by women) about topics like their sad dating lives or their battles with excessive body hair.  Author Mara Altman is the high priestess of this form.  And nonfiction stories with excitement and adventure like “Mayflower: The Voyage from Hell” are ringing up big sales.”


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about Thin Reads?

Howard Polskin: “Thin Reads does four things no other website does.  We review e-book singles on a regular basis.  We provide regular interview of authors of e-book singles.  We have a database of e-book singles. And we offer regular news and analysis of the e-book single marketplace.  We’ve been doing this since we launched in April 2013.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Howard Polskin: “Obviously, your readers should visit my website (www.thinreads.com) and subscribe to the free Thin Reads weekly newsletter.  The best place to buy e-book singles is Amazon’s Kindle Single storeBarnes & Noble has a somewhat confusing store for e-book singles (they call them Snaps).  Apple’s iBookstore has a section called Quick Reads and it’s worth a visit.  For wannabe authors who want to self-publish an e-book single, a great resource is BookBaby.”




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