Five Must Have Back to School Gadgets with Tech Expert, Katie Linendoll

It’s official, back to school is now upon us! Whether you’re heading back in the classroom for the first time in years or your kids are back in session after a long summer vacation, you can’t miss out on the must have tech gadgets that will ensure you or your little one make the grade this school year. Tech expert and Emmy award winning show host, Katie Linendoll was kind enough to join me once again, this time to dish on the top five back to school tech gadgets parents and students alike will adore!



Candace Rose: What’s new in tech for parents this school year?

Katie Linendoll: “I think it can be a challenge for parents because there’s such an influx of technology, so I’ve put together five very practical and fun gadgets.


Let’s start with a very unassuming one, this is from Schlage (please see video above for details), this is actually a touchscreen deadbolt. It’s cool because it gives parents that peace of mind that the kids got inside. They don’t have to worry about losing their keys or finding them in their backpack anymore- you just enter a four digit code that gives you instant access. But also, what I love is it comes with an app too that actually alerts parents they’re inside.”


Candace Rose: Have computers gotten even smarter this year?

Katie Linendoll: “Yes, and let’s talk about computers because one question I get asked a ton is ‘what is a great back to school computer?’ And what I always say is- ‘listen, you want the power of a PC, but also the mobility of a tablet, this is an Intel Sony VAIO 13 incher: touchscreen, high def. display, but inside it packs the performance that you need. Fourth Gen Intel Core processor for the speed, power and efficiency that you need and want. It has super fast graphics- 2.4 pounds and 10 plus hours of battery life.”


Candace Rose: What do you suggest for the whole family at the end of the day?

Katie Linendoll: “I love this entertaining device- the Roku 3 Streaming Device; and I lot of people have asked me what Roku does. You plug it right into the TV- over 800 channels, giving you access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, PBS Kids, Disney…100’s of movies and TV shows.”

Candace Rose: eReaders are very important these days. Which one do you like and why?

Katie Linendoll: “eReaders are very popular. In fact I don’t think you can go anywhere without hearing the word ‘tablet’, and this is an awesome option- a lot of people in my family have it- it’s Amazon’s Kindle Fire seven incher. It has a high def display, but jam packed full of features. This gives you instant access to over 23 million movies, TV shows, music and magazines, apps, books and games…and of course access to the web. It has front facing camera access to Skype.

The two features that I love when we talk about back to school time is Kindle FreeTime. It allows parents to set the time limit on the tablet for kids to use. It also only allows them certain access to specific content, so it’s nice for parents to remain in control. It’s $199, if you are going back to school in college, you can actually rent textbooks on this and save up to 80%.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything new for the laptop?

Katie Linendoll: “One thing I really love for the laptop, and this really caught my eye on display the other day when I was in the electronics store- this is Logitech’s Eye Candy mice. They come in a number of colors and patterns, and are great for the classroom or the dorm room. It’s fantastic for kids playing on the computer or just getting work done. It’s a fun way to make a statement using your technology. So a number of different fun and practical gadgets for everyone in the family.”

Candace Rose: Absolutely! Well, thank you so much, Katie; where can we go for more information?

Katie Linendoll: “I’ve given you a number of different gadgets here. You can actually find them all at ThunkNews/SmartTech.”


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