“The Bulloch Family Ranch” Stars, Julie and Rusty Bulloch Share their Inspiring Story

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with two extremely inspirational individuals: Julie and Rusty Bulloch. Not only are they the stars of their own television show, but they are the proud parents of 25 children, with only two being biological.

The Bulloch’s decided over 16 years ago that they were going to take in troubled teens who were on the path to self-destruction and give them a family and place to call their own (The Bulloch Family Ranch). Their show premieres tonight on the UP Network at 10 pm ET/PT.

Rusty and Julie were kind enough to join me for an interview to share their inspiring story, discuss how they came up with the Bulloch Family Ranch, whether or not they’ll expand their family and much more!


Rusty and Julie Bulloch of "The Bulloch Family Ranch"

Rusty and Julie Bulloch of “The Bulloch Family Ranch”




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