Summer Tech Trends with Technology Expert Katie Linendoll

With summer officially upon us and the kids out of school for another month or so, technology expert Katie Linendoll joined me for an interview yesterday to discuss the top summer tech trends for kids of all ages!




Candace Rose: What’s going on in gaming this summer?

Katie Linendoll: “So a lot of parents and kids alike ask me what the hottest games are, and I have to tell you I’m a Nintendo girl at heart. I have my Nintendo 3DS XL, and one game I’m loving right now is Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move. This is a cool title because it has over 180 puzzle games built within. I’m a big fan of the games that keep you thinking, keep your mind sharp, but are also fun and entertaining and have those classic Mario characters you know and love at the same time.

Bonus for parents especially- this is only a 9.99 title, which is great! And it can also be downloaded right to your Nintendo 3DS right from Nintendo’s eShop.”


Candace Rose: Are you seeing any new trends in audio?

Katie Linendoll: “Big trends in audio. I think on everyone’s wishlist is a good Bluetooth speaker. I’ve got to tell you the UE Boom– when I first turned this on and put it at max volume, I was blown away by the sound quality. 15 hours of battery life, 360 degree sound, and even if you’re not tech savvy…no problem, there are three buttons to worry about: Your up and down volume and your power on button, it will do the rest for you. Bluetooth- if you’re in a 50 foot range (which is pretty generous) this connects to your smartphone, this connects to your tablet and gives you great sound quality wirelessly.”


Candace Rose: What’s new in tablets?

Katie Linendoll: “Tablets to me is becoming the household word. Everybody wants a tablet these days- the HP 7-inch Slate is HP’s first Android tablet, it’s sleek, portable, seven inches, is great for the web, great if you want that connectivity to Facebook and Twitter or just overall mobility. It has a front and rear facing camera, battery life- five hours of playback. If you know the name ‘Beats’ it has Beats audio built right inside there, and a huge bonus the HP 7-inch Slate actually is under $150, so a nice little bonus on the price point side.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions for easy access to entertainment?

Katie Linendoll: “I have lots of parents asking me how they keep their kids entertained in the backseat especially when it comes to summer travel and those long road trips- the HP Pocket Playlist has 32 gigs of storage. 32 gigs of storage can get you up to 16 movies inside the device, nearly 8,000 songs, up to 10,000 photos. What’s cool is you actually download a free HP app and up to five individuals and three people streaming can actually access all that content on the go. So it’s a nice little device to have everything packed inside there, and it’s on sale for $99 online at HP.”


Candace Rose: Wonderful! Well, thank you so much Katie; where can we go for more information?

Katie Linendoll: “For more information, and also a printer too that’s an also an all-in-one, you can go to”


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