Men, Put Your Best Face Forward with Dermatologist Dr. Adam Geyer, MD

First impressions are so important in our daily lives, especially when looking for a job. Dermatologist, Dr. Adam Geyer joined me for an interview recently to discuss how men can improve their appearance and make a great first impression!

Candace Rose: Many men are novices when it comes to improving their appearance, where is the best place to start?

Dr. Adam Geyer, MD: “Well, I think one of the most important things that men need to understand is that their skin is fundamentally different from women’s, so they need to choose products that are specifically formulate for their coarser, thicker more porous skin. One of the things that I stress is that simple is not bad. Men can choose a simpler regimen sometimes than their female counterparts- and focus on a good cleanser, a simple moisturizer that’s multifunctional, and a daily sunscreen before they head out the door every day.”

Candace Rose: Job seeking is important to everybody and first impressions can make or break an interview. How can guys present a youthful and professional appearance?

Dr. Adam Geyer, MD: “In terms of a professional appearance it’s important to think about the basics of grooming- keep your hair neat, groom your facial hair.

In terms of deciding what clothes to wear, do a little research on the company where you’re interviewing and find out what their culture is like in terms of style and try to match your dress to that style.

In terms of skincare, youthful skin and a healthy appearance doesn’t have to come through a trip to the dermatologist and through cosmetic procedures. It really can come from good skincare habits and from choosing the right product. One of my favorite personal recommendations is the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting product that’s recently come out and works on a broad spectrum of concerns that age our skin as men. It improves firmness, it improves the texture of the skin, it lifts the skin and does so simultaneously exfoliating the surface layers while hydrating the surface of the skin and infusing deep ingredients that work to lift and firm the skin- including caffeine, vitamin c and soybean extracts.”


Candace Rose: One of the first things an employer will do to screen a candidate is to browse their social media pages.  How important is it to manage the impressions we make on social media?

Dr. Adam Geyer, MD: “It is increasingly important. So just as we might research a company deciding what to wear and how to present ourselves, they’re researching us. Any picture that’s put online is a reflection of our image, and you need to make sure that that image that’s out there is the same as the brand that you’re trying to create. And part of that brand is trying to understand how people perceive your health and youthfulness in terms of your skin. So committing to early sun protection and the use of a good moisturizer every day is crucial not just in person but in our photos to keep our perception of youthfulness and health as good as it can be.

And when it doubt, if you’re wanting to be perceived as youthful, include an image of yourself having fun, that always seems to increase our perception of youth.”

Candace Rose: Thank you for the great tips, Dr. Geyer; where can we go for more information?

Dr. Adam Geyer, MD: “For more information go to”


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