2013 Top Honeymoon Trends and Destinations with The Knot’s Anja Winnikka

Planning the perfect honeymoon can be stressful, especially when also planning the wedding of your dreams. If you’re getting married in 2013, and not sure where you’d like to head after you say I do, you’re in luck! The Knot’s, Anja Winnikka was kind enough to join me for an interview once again, this time to chat about the hottest trends she’s seeing in honeymoons, how to plan the perfect honeymoon, whether or not you need a travel agent or can do it yourself online, as well as the top destinations both in the United States and internationally!



Candace Rose: What are the hottest trends you’re seeing in honeymoons?

Anja Winnikka: “The trends in honeymoons, it depends on the couple of course, but what we’re noticing are a lot of couples wanting to do a little more adventurous activities- so it’s not all just laying on a beach and drinking a cocktail. Couples are really looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure.”

Candace Rose: What are the most common honeymoon pitfalls, and how can honeymooners avoid making mistakes?

Anja Winnikka: “Some of the more common pitfalls are just not preparing, you know you’ve got a lot on your mind…you’ve been up planning a wedding, but you do want to make sure you do things like make copies of your passports if you’re going international, leave some with family at home, put one in the room when you travel. You also want to make sure you get the possible vaccinations if that’s the case, bring a first aid kit along…but also just planning your itinerary. A lot of couples will try to pack too many things into the trip so when they get there they don’t realize they’re going to be really tired because they just had this crazy awesome weekend. Our advice to couples is to plan to relax at the beginning and then plan some much more fun outdoorsy adventurous activities toward the end of the trip.”


Candace Rose: Should you use a travel agent or book online?

Anja Winnikka: “Well, that depends on your style. A travel agent really does take the guesswork out of a lot of planning your honeymoon. They typically do have expert advice on a lot of the classic destinations, however a lot of couples like to do their own research, they like to feel in control making sure that they definitely got the best prices on travel, finding little things that maybe none of their friends have done before, so that DIY feeling comes along with booking online. It really does depend, and the jury is out!”

Candace Rose: What’s the secret to having a fabulous honeymoon you both will enjoy?

Anja Winnikka: “It’s just talking about your honeymoon before you go and making sure that the expectations are the same on both sides. It’s totally fine if he wants to be lazy and you want to be adventurous, but you have to talk about that so you don’t end up with a trip that’s totally lopsided- one person enjoying themselves entirely and the other person being bored.

So once again, that’s why we created this list really and we separated into these categories. For example for the most romantic we have Napa and Sonoma Valley for the vineyards and things like that. And we have things like Bora Bora, French Polynesia because we know a lot of couples just want that romantic kind of feeling.

On the other hand there are destinations on there under the exotic list like Taos, New Mexico…things like none of your friends or family would have suggested to you, but we find to be very cool because it makes you feel like your miles and miles and worlds away from your original destination when you’re still in the United States.

But then internationally under exotic, we have destinations like Bangkok, Thailand and the idea there is just separating yourself from everything, enjoying a culture you may have never been a part of or really known much about, taking a cooking class and then maybe traveling to one of the Northern Thailand beaches to enjoy the more relaxing side of things.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, Anja! Where can we go for more information?

Anja Winnikka: “All of the destinations have been compiled into one neat easy to read list at TheKnot.com/Honeymoons.”


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