Wellness: The Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Have you been suffering with insomnia as of late? If so, you’ll definitely want to hear what Wellness Expert Julia McCabe of Green Eggs N Glam has to say about the many benefits of lavender essential oil!






Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil Never Fails!
For years I have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.
I have tried what seems like every sleep aide known to man, including the ever dangerous Ambien, which resulted in hallucinations!!!
Talk about Frightening!!!!!!! Never Again Will I Take Ambien After Hallucinating From It!!!! I cannot tell you how freaked out I was when it happened to me.
I have heard horror stories about Ambien and what it has made people do without their knowledge, from suicide to auto accidents.
Ambien in my opinion should be removed from the market, but that is a whole different issue. It is some scary stuff!!!! 🙁
What do I use now instead of prescription drugs?
I use Young Living Lavender Oil to help me fall asleep and stay asleep at night.
Not only does lavender oil help with sleep issues, but it has a whole list of health benefits that are simply amazing. From sleep and relaxation to healing burns and cuts, lavender oil is a must have in any home.
Every time I use lavender oil, I am always amazed!
A few days ago I burned my hand badly on a very hot stoneware pan that I had just taken out of the oven.
I did not notice it right away, but about 10 minutes later I did and I put 2 drops of Lavender oil on it.
Once the lavender oil was on the burn the pain was gone.
I applied lavender oil on it again before I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, the mark from the burn was completely gone and it did not even look like my hand was every burned.
When people say a little goes a long way, they really mean it!


Here is a small list of uses for lavender oil:

  • Soothe minor burns by applying 2–3 drops of lavender essential oil to the affected area.
  • Rub lavender essential oil on dry or chapped skin to moisturize the affected area.
  • Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a cotton ball and place it in closets and drawers to scent linens and repel moths and insects.
  • You may be able to minimize the appearance of scar tissue by massaging lavender essential oil on or around affected areas.
  • Place a few drops of lavender essential oil on a wet cloth or dryer sheet to deodorize and freshen your laundry.
  • Diffuse lavender essential oil to minimize seasonal discomforts.
  • Rub a few drops of lavender essential oil onto your hand and spread over your child’s pillow to help him or her sleep.
  • Diffuse lavender essential oil to set the mood for a baby shower or social gathering.
  • Diffuse or inhale lavender essential oil to calm your mind, body, and spirit after a hard day’s work.



Here is a little info on why I ONLY use Young Living Essential Oils.
When I was new to essential oils, something that I learned really quickly was that there is a BIG (really important) difference between the types of Essential Oils. For all I knew, oils were oils, and even though I knew about lavender scented products in the grocery store – I had no idea about the possibilities of transforming my health, naturally, with Essential Oils. Let me explain, all Young Living Essentials Oils are therapeutic grade and Earth Kosher-Certified. That means care has been given to every single drop, to ensure that the medicinal properties have been retained.
There are 4 Grades of Essential Oils:

Grade A oils are pure therapeutic quality and are usually made from organically grown plants distilled at the proper temperatures using steam distillation.
Grade B oils are food grade; they may contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, extenders, or carrier oils.
Grade C oils are perfume grade and may contain the same type of adulterating chemicals as food grade oils.
They usually contain solvents which are used to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest. Solvents are normally cancerous.
Floral Water is a byproduct of the distillation process, a very high quality if it comes from a Grade A distillation process.
Accordingly it is of low quality if it comes from poor quality raw materials and or poor distillation processes. It is usually found in skin and hair products.
Don’t be fooled!
Young Living’s oils are therapeutic and medicinal.
They are derived directly from the plant – not in a laboratory – and they are never extended or adulterated with chemicals.
Don’t think that you can buy less expensive essential oils and get the same results.


Young Living Lavender Essential Oils
Today much of the lavender oil sold in America is the hybrid called lavandin, which is cut with chemicals to improve the fragrance.
Then solvents are added and it is sold in the United States as lavender oil.
Most consumers don’t know the difference, and are happy to buy it for $3 to $10 per half ounce in health food stores, beauty salons, grocery and department stores, and through mail order.
Some people wonder why they do not get the benefit they expected and conclude that essential oils do not have much value. Most likely, they purchased either a synthetic or adulterated oils. Adulterated and mislabeled essential oils present dangers for consumers. One woman who had heard of the ability of lavender oil to heal burns used “lavender oil” purchased from a local health food store when she spilled boiling water on her arm. But the pain intensified and the burn worsened, so she later complained that lavender oil was worthless for healing burns.When her “lavender” oil was analyzed, it was found to be lavandin, the hybrid lavender that is chemically very different.
Adulterated oils that are cut with synthetic extenders can cause rashes, burning, and skin irritations. Solvents can all cause allergic reactions, besides being devoid of any therapeutic effects. Even so-called “nature identical” essential oils (structured essential oils that have been chemically duplicated using 5 to 15 of the essential oil’s primary chemical compounds in synthetic form) can produce unwanted side effects or toxicities. Isolated compounds may be toxic; however pure essential oils, in most cases, are not. This is because natural essential oils contain hundreds of different compounds, some of which balance and counteract each others effects.
Quality does matter — and your health is worth it.
If you would like more information about Young Living Oils please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment.
Young Living’s Lavender Oil can be purchased through my website http://www.youngliving.org/jmccabe72
Peace, Love, and Hugs, I’m available to speak with you about your Young Living products, and to answer questions that you may have.
To your health,
Julia McCabe

Julia McCabe

Green Eggs N Glam

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