Top Six Tech Gifts for Dads and Grads with Technology Expert Mario Armstrong

With graduation season upon us and Father’s Day less than a week away, technology expert Mario Armstrong joined me to dish six of his top gifts for the dad and grad on your list. Mario was also kind enough to share a great discount code to ensure you get that special person on your list the gift they’ve been coveting at a wonderful price!

Candace Rose: What are the trends in gifts for dads and grads this year?

Mario Armstrong: “There are so many, too many to choose from! I’ve put the best things right here and if you think about it there’s a lot that’s happening in the home and a lot that’s happening on the go.


The first thing I want to show you, Candace is Samsung’s beautiful TV, the F8000. This thing is absolutely gorgeous and the colors pop on it. It’s 2D but also 3D as well. And what’s also really neat is something called the Smart Hub which means I can just scroll through tons of content like applications, social media, photos of your kids and videos and music stuff and movies. All that stuff right here, and as I use it more it learns that over time it can make recommendations.


What’s also cool in the house and is a hot trend, is being able to program your thermostat to save you some money. The Nest Smart Learning Thermostat really learns how you use your heating and cooling over time and can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs. And not to mention, it can save you from having to walk up and down the steps of your house if your wife or significant other keeps telling you to fix the heat or turn up the AC because you can control it from your mobile device, which is really cool while you’re on the go.


Gaming is huge! And if you don’t know what to buy a gamer, I have you covered. Logitech G is a new line of PC accessories and PC gaming accessories from the best company in PC gaming: Logitech. The 710+ keyboard is scientifically designed, it wasn’t just thrown together. It’s mechanical, which means the mechanical gaming keyboard gives lower noise, better speed, more precision and more reliability and comfort. They also have the mouse: the G700s, which is also great for precision and accuracy.


Every dad or grad needs a good computer, so I have one of the best out there in terms of notebooks: the Acer Aspire R7. It has an easel hinge which means I can really be versatile. I can put this in tablet mode, I can put the screen in four different locations and put it up like a regular laptop. And since it’s all touch and has a keyboard, it’s a full blown computer as well. It also has great sound and speakers which a lot of laptops don’t have.


Speaking of speakers, you have to be able to be on the go with some good sound, especially since the summer’s here for vacations, beaches, the pool and camping. iHome is number one in digital and audio. They’ve put out some portable boomboxes that are rechargeable so you can connect your digital devices to it, but you can also play AM/FM radio on it. Lots of colors and it’s ruggedized.


And last but not least, everybody needs to print and you want to print with a quality printer that’s not going to cost you a lot of money for ink over time. My recommendation is the HP Officejet Pro 276. It’ll save you 50% compared to laser printers on your cost and I can print to it right from my mobile phone.


We have a little discount for all your fans and all your viewers- if they like the speakers they can get 10% off all the speakers if they go to And when they hit the checkout, just type in my name: Mario.”

Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great gift ideas and discounts. Where can we go for more information on everything?

Mario Armstrong: “For everything- if you want to read up on it, just go to


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