The Benefits of Taking a Real Lunch Break with Lifestyle Expert Martha McCully

Do you tend to work right through your lunch break instead of taking time to eat a healthy well balanced meal and enjoy the outdoors? If so, you’ll want to hear what lifestyle expert Martha McCully has to say about the importance of not only taking time out to eat a delicious meal, but to enjoy nature, the arts or even exercise.





Candace Rose: How can we keep lunch from getting boring?

Martha McCully: “Lunch can get boring if you don’t take lunch. You can make your lunch break your actual lunch very interesting, very satisfying. You want to make sure you’re actually taking a lunch break. A third of us eat lunch at our desks, at our computers; another third of us don’t even take a lunch break at all. You can imagine that we’re all a little bit lunch deprived at this moment, and I’m really encouraging people to take a real lunch and take a real lunch break because it just benefits you in so many ways- you’re going to be more productive, you’re going to be happier, you’re going to be in a better mood, you’re going to get more done all afternoon and it’s basically improving the whole quality of your life.”

Candace Rose: So what are some healthy options that go beyond soup or microwaved meals?

Martha McCully: “I’ve been really into making these handcrafted sandwiches. I love a good sandwich because it has everything in it. I try to find the best quality bread that I can find, and I’ve been buying this seven or nine grain bread that’s an artisanal bread. For example I made a sandwich that also has turkey in it, and then also slices of green apple, and then I’m a big fan of Sargento Natural sliced cheeses because they come in over 30 different varieties and I know it’s real cheese because it comes off a real cheese block. That’s really important to me, I want to know what I’m eating, what I’m putting in my body because that is also going to determine your mood. You know when you eat real food and food that’s fresh and natural, you feel much better. You can change your lunch every single day, but I really like these handcrafted customized sandwiches.”

Candace Rose: Why is taking a real break so important?

Martha McCully: “You just can’t sit in one place for eight to 10 hours a day, it’s not good for you on so many different levels. Taking a break and recharging yourself and reinvigorating yourself is going to set you up for a more productive afternoon.

One of the things I like to do is go into nature- just go outside, see the grass, see the trees and really be a part of the bigger picture, and it just puts your whole work life into perspective when you do that. It makes you feel better when you go back into work. Going into nature really resets and rebalances yourself. I’m a big fan of doing that.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Martha McCully: “There are other things that you can do to take a break from working. I think having a real conversation with a friend instead of just emailing them. Picking up the phone and meeting them for lunch- bringing your sandwich outside together if you work in office buildings.

I think you can see some art during lunchtime. We tend to think that our screensaver is art when it’s really not. Go find some real art, go look in lobbies of buildings or hotels, or maybe sculpture gardens. There’s a lot around you, and you can check it out online to see what’s in your neighborhood that you can go see.

I also think exercising- if you can even taking a walk or doing a few yoga stretches is really going to help your mind, your body. If you did even 10 minutes of yoga every single day you’d feel amazing.


Candace Rose: Well, thank you for the great tips, Martha. Where can we go for more information?

Martha McCully: “You can actually go to and they have all these different recipes and ideas for these handcrafted sandwiches.”


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