Summer Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Must Haves with Stylist Jene Luciani

With summer nearly officially here, stylist Jene Luciani joined me for an interview to dish her favorite stress-free tips for the season, and share her must have products to help combat sun damage and protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays.


Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions on how we can have a stress-free summer?

Jene Luciani: “Well, my biggest tip is- everyone loves to travel over the summer but planning that getaway can be very stressful so you really want to find a tool that helps you get organized before you go, so I love the Microsoft OneNote Travel Notebook. It actually allows you to store all of your important travel information in one spot- all of your travel reservations, your confirmation numbers, even important websites, health information and you can access it from anywhere in the world on your phone or computer which is really cool. So no more carrying big files or shuffling around for papers. You have everything right in your device and it also offers expert tips from travel and leisure magazines like packing lists and expense trackers, so just a really great tool before you plan that vacation.”

Candace Rose: There’s nothing worse than a dreaded sunburn. What can we do to find relief?

Jene Luciani: “Well, people always think that they have to put sunscreen on, but we forget about repairing that past damage that we’ve already done to our skin, so I found this great product from Bioxidea: it’s the Miracle 48 Excellence Diamond Mask. It actually is soothing and hydrating. It’s made out of silicone, it has the serum infused in it – you just put it on your face. You can use it even immediately after a sunburn, it’s perfect for sensitive skin, it’s nontoxic, it’s paraben-free and it’s got what they call Botox simulators in it which is their special ingredient that actually erases the sign of sun damage that we have so the wrinkles and fine lines and sun spots really help to get rid of that so you can start with a clean slate for this summer!”

Candace Rose: What’s the best way to protect your skin in the sun?

Jene Luciani: “Well, of course we all think about using sunscreen but I think by now we all know how important that is, but there was a recent report that melanoma rates are rising two percent a year since the year 2000, so that means that we’re using our sunscreen but we’re just not using it properly, so you have to remember of course to keep reapplying, use enough of it and then hats and clothing can really be your primary barrier to the sun’s harmful rays.

I brought some hats here today- me being a stylist of course, I had to have some fun with it and the great thing is you can get a big floppy hat, make a style statement with it. It travels easily- roll it up, throw it in your suitcase and you can really just have fun with it and protect yourself at the same time.”

Candace Rose: What’s the best way to incorporate a floppy hat into your wardrobe?

Jene Luciani: “You can incorporate that into each and every way in the summertime. I love a floppy hat on the beach and then I love a fedora for maybe when I’m running errands with some jeans or some shorts on. So grab some of these straw hats and have some fun with them- fun colors. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, just really make a style statement with it.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Jene Luciani: “Well, if you’re interested in the OneNote Travel Notebook, you can go to to download that. For Bioxidea’s skincare line you can go to”


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