How to Plan the Perfect Family Camping Trip with Travel Expert Kim Orlando

With summer officially upon us and the kids on summer vacation now is the perfect time to take the family on a fun family camping trip! If you’re new to camping or in search of the latest camping trends to ensure your trip is a success, you’re in luck! Travel expert, Kim Orlando of joined me for an interview recently to discuss the top trends in camping and why camping is gaining such popularity across the country.


Travel expert Kim Orlando of discusses the latest trends in camping just in time for National Camping Week!

Travel expert Kim Orlando of discusses the latest trends in camping just in time for National Camping Week!





Candace Rose: With National Camping Week upon us, what’s the secret to planning a great family camping trip?

Kim Orlando: “I think the secret is just to go anyway, get started. We are kicking off National Camping Week, I’m at a KOA campground in Mystic, Connecticut and I’m standing in front of a Park model Rv, which is a great way to get started if you’re new to camping or you’re a camping resister it has everything that you need. It’s basically a cabin, it has everything you need- linens, wine glasses, plates, pots and pans and space. Even a family of five (like mine) will have enough space to spread out. It has a full kitchen, all the amenities that you need for a successful family vacation- a bedroom with a queen sized bed and a door for privacy and a full bathroom, but it still feels cozy. You still feel like you’ve left home, you’re going to walk out your front door and you’re going to be outdoors.

You’re going to be on a campground with lots of amenities- there are 16,000 campgrounds inĀ  the U.S. and the amenities range from spas to vineyards to lots of fun kids stuff to do. At this KOA that I’m at right now there’s a huge pool, there’s this bouncy pillow floor for the kids to play and bounce around on, there are pets running around, volleyball court- lots of really fun stuff here, especially for the newbie first time camper or camp resistant type of person because you don’t have to pack everything up and you don’t have to unpack when you get home.”


Candace Rose: How fun. What are some dos and don’ts for beginners?

Kim Orlando: “I think the dos are just do it anyway. Don’t let anything get in your way. If you really want to try camping (even if you’re not sure) do give it a try. Do bring your family even if it’s not the vacation that they thought it was going to be because you’re going to have a wonderful family memory out of it. Don’t let anything get in your way if that’s what you want to do. Don’t think that it can’t be done because it can.

And if you really want to Rv, don’t be afraid to do that too. If you don’t have an Rv, you can rent one. The hottest new trend in Rving this year is seasonal camping. Just set up your towable and you leave it there for the summer. It’s there for you to access as you want to throughout the summer, and it becomes your summer getaway. It’s beautiful (please see video for tour of RV). This one looks like a small home with reclining chairs, a table lamp and all the amenities, again that we talked about before- the bedroom with the queen sized bed and you have the door for privacy, you have a full bathroom, full kitchen, and all the amenities that you need. Once you walk out the door you’re back into the great outdoors- you can have a campfire right outside your door where you can make S’mores and eat campfire food and just enjoy some real family time outside in the fresh air.”


Candace Rose: What’s the secret to choosing the perfect campground for you and your family?

Kim Orlando: “Well, the secret to choosing the right campground is use your resources really well. has tons of resources there- how to choose the right camper for your family, the right campground, maybe you know the location you’re going to but you’re not sure which campgrounds- it has all the amenities listed out for you. is going to be your best resource whether you’re new at this or you’ve been doing this for a really long time.

And of course if you’re looking for other moms to connect with who are camping or just want advice, go to We have a lot of information there as well.”


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