Hot Trends From the Culinary Scene with “Top Chef Texas” Contestant Heather Terhune

Bravo’s “Top Chef Texas” contestant and chef, Heather Terhune joined me for an interview recently to discuss her experience on the show, share tips on how to create a farm fresh meal and dish on how to keep your kitchen on the ‘cutting edge’!


Candace Rose: How was your experience on Bravo’s “Top Chef Texas”?

Heather Terhune: “It was an amazing experience, I got to work with some really talented chefs, be in a competitive setting and really hone in on my culinary skills. It’s really one of the only times in your life besides culinary school that you can ever really focus on cooking solely and to get to do that was an awesome opportunity.”

Candace Rose: What are some of your favorite tips for preparing a farm fresh meal?

Heather Terhune: “Well, I think the number one tip is to really choose the right knife for your hand. 95% of people don’t choose the right knife and by using and buying the Chicago Cutlery Pro Hold knife. It has this innovative grip that really guides and glides your hand to the right position, so as you’re chopping and cutting it really helps you do different cutting techniques with ease. With asparagus, if you’re holding the knife in a proper position it lets you rock the knife back and forth instead of chopping in large big movements and making a lot of noise on your cutting board, that’s definitely not something that we’re looking for.

Using the right knife for the job is an aid in a chef’s life and it’s great for slicing large/longer items and making a julienne. But something like this three and a half inch paring knife is great for cutting things that are smaller, things that might be a little bit more cumbersome. It’s great for trimming the ends off things such as green garlic. Something you would never want to do (especially from a safety reason) is use a giant knife to cut something that needs a smaller knife because it’s very dangerous.”

Candace Rose: Is there anything else that we can do to keep our kitchen on the cutting edge?

Heather Terhune: “Definitely. You want to make sure that your knives are clean and sharp at all times- hand washing, not putting them in the dishwasher is something that I highly recommend, and please don’t put them in the dishwasher because you’re going to be sad that you’ve invested in these amazing knives and then they get rusty.

You also want to make sure that you keep them sharp by honing with a steel on a daily basis, and making sure that your knives are professionally sharpened is something that is crucial.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Heather Terhune: “I do! You can get all of these summer recipes such as this Asparagus Salad by visiting You’ll see all the tips, and all the summer recipes will be on the website.”


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