Clean Break Stars Luke Rodgers and Hal Hardy Talk Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

According to a recent survey conducted by Schick, over 67% of men regret not pursuing certain things in their lives, while 50% feel bored with their daily lives and 88% of men polled wish they could try new activities and experiences. ‘The same study concluded men who are spontaneous, adventurous and even impulsive tend to be happier, report higher success, and be satisfied with their jobs.’ Schick Hydro recently gave three men the opportunity of a lifetime to get out of their comfort zone by sending them to New Zealand for a Clean Break challenge! Earlier this week I was joined by two of Clean Break’s stars- Luke Rodgers, a business owner who also happens to be the older brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback and Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers; and Hal Hardy an accountant turned writer to discuss what inspired them to take the Clean Break challenge, how the show has impacted their lives and much more!





Candace Rose: What inspired you to take the Clean Break Challenge?

Hal Hardy: “I think what inspired us both is the fact that Schick Hydro did this study where they found 59% of people in our demographics find themselves in a rut. Half of the people aren’t satisfied with their lives and how things are going. I found myself in that situation…I was doing accounting and just going on the daily grind, traveling to the same office every single day and what not, and I was finding out I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to step outside my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s best to step away from the problem so you can figure it out.

I told my story to Schick Hydro, and I was fortunate enough that they sent me to New Zealand and had the adventure of a lifetime. I’ve come back a much happier person, I’m pursuing writing right now and I’m doing things where every single day I’m excited and I did not have that before.”

Candace Rose: How has this experience impacted your life and how have you changed?

Hal Hardy: “Going through the journey in New Zealand of jumping off cliffs and jumping out of planes are all actual dangerous events. They’re fun to do and they’re scary and once you get down you feel like a better person for it. You feel like you have an adventurous spirit and can take on the world. Getting back into my normal life where I’m not necessarily jumping out of planes all the time or jumping off cliffs has really opened up my eyes to take challenges and do the things that I want to do and not be afraid of failure.”

Candace Rose: What was the hardest part about being a part of the show? What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Hal Hardy: “I think the biggest challenge was just not knowing what was happening the next day after having a day of working out with Emirates Team New Zealand in the morning and having the hardest workout of my entire life, and then that night playing rugby with the All Blacks…and then wondering what is in store for us tomorrow morning at 6 am? Just the fear of the unknown, but then you realize it’s more fun that way. Not having anything planned out and having all these things set up for you to do, you get through it and your adrenaline is through the roof.”

Candace Rose: What advice would you give to others who feel bored with their daily lives and are looking for more direction?

Hal Hardy: “Step outside your comfort zone. Do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do. Luke’s got a great story with that.”

Luke Rodgers: “Hal’s made a lot of great points- when I got back from Hawaii (season one was in Hawaii) there were a lot of tangible lessons that you could really take from facing your fears. When you’re swimming with sharks or you’re paddling out on the north shore of Hawaii to surf or you’re jumping out of an airplane or running or your free diving- there was a real sense of danger and a very real sense of fear.

I think when you come back to your normal life, you have the same sort of obstacles, they just look a little different. Instead of the sharks in the water, you’ve got your fear of failure, maybe stepping out of a job you don’t like into something that has potential to fail, but also has potential to make you really happy and fulfilled. There’s a real lack of fulfillment (going back to the study) people aren’t happy with their lives, they feel like their in a rut. For me, I had the same thing going on. When I got back I thought I’m going to face some of these fears that I have and face down some of the obstacles that I see and I’m going to step out and take a risk. For me, it was starting a company and kind of running my own business in the business world. I did that last year- I started a company called Pro Merch and we’re doing athlete branded merchandise. We’ve got five guys in the NFL.

I’m not even where I want to be necessarily, but I don’t think you can even get to that point if you stand on the sidelines. I think a lot of what Clean Break is about is jumping in and playing. You’re not standing on the sidelines, you’re jumping in and playing. It looks very crazy on TV, but you’re actually facing down tangible fears. I think we need a constant challenge and we need a place where we’re pushing ourselves- and finding your limits whether that’s career wise or relationship wise or even if it’s something physical like we got in Hawaii and New Zealand. You find those limits and you push yourself past them.”

Candace Rose: Do either of you have any additional information you’d like to share with us?

Hal Hardy: “You can check out the show, and it’s a fun one. I guarantee you’re going to be on the edge of your seat the entire time. If we were scared going into it- I’ve seen some of the clips and I’m reliving it- the adrenaline that pumps through your heart while you’re watching it! You can check it out this Thursday on Fuel TV at 11 pm ET. We have a whole bunch of fun webisodes that are on Yahoo! Screen and behind the scenes stuff. Anytime you get three dudes together that, and part of the time you’re in an RV…antics happen. There’s some funniness and some craziness that goes on. You can also find us on Twitter @HydroExperience and then also on Facebook at”


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