The Top Five Gifts for Every Mom This Mother’s Day

Looking for a great gift for your mom this Mother’s Day? Emmy-Award winning tech expert Brett Larson joined me recently to share his top five gifts for every mom on your list, whether she loves DIY projects, hilarious movies, decadent desserts, or technology!


Tech expert Brett Larson talks his top five Mother's gift ideas for every mom on your list!

Tech expert Brett Larson talks his top five Mother’s gift ideas for every mom on your list!




Candace Rose: What are your top five picks for mom this Mother’s Day?

Brett Larson: “We’ve got a lot of great things. We’re going to start with the do-it-yourself mom. We’ve got the original Pink Box tools available from Sears. What’s great about this is it comes with a variety of things- you can get mom specific tools that are just for her so she doesn’t have to go down and hunt down dad’s tools. There’s also a tool box available in the collection. What’s nice about this is it will hold all those tools, but if maybe your mom does what my mom does- she does quilting and cross stitching that has all of these tools for those different crafts, you can put that in here. And there’s even the original pink box 18 volt drill. It’s got a light on the front of it, which I like. So if you’ve got a handy mom or a mom who likes doing lots of things on her own there.


Pink Box Tools from Sears for the mom who loves do-it-yourself projects!

Pink Box Tools from Sears for the mom who loves do-it-yourself projects!


If you’re thinking about getting mom a smartphone, we want to make sure you find one with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside. You’re going to find that inside the new HTC One. The graphics on this thing are really amazing. If mom’s not a gamer, that’s okay! The Snapdragon processor is going to make all the other things we like doing on our smartphones work better: surfing the web, checking our email, getting on those high speed 4G LTE networks. All the things you love about your smartphone with the Snapdragon processor you can do, and you’ll recharge less because it requires less power.


Talking about recharging less- the Kindle! There is a Kindle for every mom on your list, including the Kindle Paperwhite which has their no glare e-ink. What’s nice about this is you can use it outside, you can also use it inside if you want to read a book while you’re in bed, there’s some front-light technology that will light the screen for you so you can use it while you’re in bed. Two months of battery life, and also they hold over 1,000 books. So plenty of content and plenty of time to get through all that content. But if color is more your thing and you want to watch some movies on your Kindle, the Kindle Fire HD is here to help. There’s a seven inch and an 8.9 inch version. The screens on these things are really just stunning, they’re quite beautiful. This one is running FreeTime which lets you restrict content for the kids so you can say ‘You’re only going to be able to play this handful of games.’ You can also set a certain amount of screen time that they can have.


We’ve got a great movie, it’s a hang out and watch a movie with mom this Mother’s Day. Check out The Guilt Trip, it’s on the Blu-Ray DVD combo pack. It’s a funny story of a mother and her adult son. They set out a cross country road trip together, and of course hilarity and antics ensue. The combo pack also comes with lots of bonus material. It’s got bonus features including featurettes about Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand. You’ll get into the world of Barbra Streisand. There’s deleted scenes, there’s an alternate ending and beginning. All kinds of great stuff including it’s enabled with ultraviolet and that’s going to let you store movies in the cloud so you can access it on any of your devices.


If you want to just get mom something delicious for your mother for Mother’s Day, head over to The Cheesecake Factory. If you hit you can find locations, you can order gift cards in any amount shipped to mom’s door, or you can get mom an e-gift card in any amount that will go right to her email inbox. When you get there you have to try a slice of the mango key lime cheesecake. It’s delicious, it’s swirled with mango and swirled with a finish of mango key lime mousse. All of that baked into a vanilla coconut macaroon crust. Mom’s going to think ‘delicious, thank you!’

Lots of great choices for mom this Mother’s Day!

Candace Rose: What are you getting your mom, Brett?

Brett Larson: “Everyone always asks me that and I have to be very careful because my mom watches all of these things. I would say it could potentially be something on this table, but I’m not going to say which because then she’s going to know.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Brett Larson: “Go to for all of this and all other great ideas for mom this Mother’s Day.”



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