Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms with The Bump’s Lori Richmond

Are you on the hunt for a great last minute gift for the new mom on your list? The Bump’s Lori Richmond joined me yesterday morning to dish her top three gift ideas for the stylish new mom, the busy mom on the go and the creative new mom with a sentimental streak!

The Bump's Lori Richmond dishes the top three last minute Mother's Day gifts for new moms!

The Bump’s Lori Richmond dishes the top three last minute Mother’s Day gifts for new moms!





Candace Rose: What would be a great gift for a stylish new mom?

Lori Richmond: “Well, this mom really likes to follow the trends, but also wants to follow her personal style and you can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry. Pandora has a lot of great customizable options to celebrate those unforgettable moments in life like having a baby. So why not start a family tradition with one of their charm bracelets. They offer these adorable little charms specifically for celebrating the new addition- there’s a baby carriage and a teddy bear and even the piece of my heart dangle charm is really pretty and hangs down from the bracelet. There’s also birthday blooms rings and bracelets, and you can personalize these with birthstones. And if your mom likes earrings, you can customize these with charms as well.

Jewelry does not have to be super expensive, Pandora is affordable and a sentimental gift. You can check out these styles and more at”

Candace Rose: How about for the busy new mom on the go?

Lori Richmond: “Well, this busy new mom really needs to steal a few minutes of quiet from her schedule. Maybe she’s up in the middle of the night with the late night feedings, so the Keurig Platinum Brewer is a great choice for her. This is a way that she can make the perfect single cup of coffee, tea or other beverage in less than a minute. No mess, no stress. I actually have one of these and I love it. This model has a water reservoir that holds 72 ounces. She doesn’t need to keep refilling it, it’s going to save her some time and there’s even an auto programming feature, so she can literally set the timer, deal with the baby, come back and the coffee is ready and waiting for her. It does not get easier than that. There’s over 250 varieties of Keurig K-Cup packs that she can choose from. So different types of coffee, teas and even iced tea. This is something she’ll use every day and this is something you can learn more about at”

Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions for the creative new mom with a sentimental streak?

Lori Richmond: “This mom- I think we all kind of fall into this category some what. This mom is really going to appreciate something that you put together yourself. So why not take all the photos and videos that everyone has of the new baby and make a video montage for her. is a great service. It’s a way to make a professional looking video- so easy, literally minutes. You upload your files, there’s lots of design templates and styles you can choose from, put your photos in there, you can add captions, words even a music soundtrack, and then Animoto works its magic and in a few minutes you have a professional video that you can share on social media like Facebook or even have a DVD made. This is a nice keepsake for mom and it’s also a good last minute gift because you can do it really fast. Those last minute shoppers out there, we know you’re out there!”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Lori Richmond: “For more on these gifts that we looked at today, you can go to And for more on pregnancy and baby, you can visit us at”


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