Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts on A Budget with Lifestyle Expert Dana Hilmer

Looking for a great last minute gift for mom this Mother’s Day? Lifestyle expert Dana Hilmer joined me for an interview recently to share her top budget friendly gift ideas that every mom on your list is sure to love!


Lifestyle expert Dana Hilmer shares her top last minute gift ideas for moms this Mother's Day!

Lifestyle expert Dana Hilmer shares her top last minute gift ideas for moms this Mother’s Day!





Candace Rose: You’ve said that every mom craves experience. How can we do that for our own mom this Mother’s Day?

Dana Hilmer: “Mother’s Day in my opinion is about two things. One is not having a do list, so no laundry, no dishes, none of that stuff. And the other is about spending time the way you want or with the people that you love, and that’s really what it comes down to. I think in our busy lives, we’ve got so many things going on in the weekends- I’ve got three boys, and always going there and there for sporting events. To actually find that time to push the pause button and say ‘Wait a minute, all we’re going to do today is just be together and have a nice day. That to me is premium and that to me is a Mother’s Day experience.

I’m here today on behalf of some companies and what I would love to do is share some ideas for a great experience and also some nice ideas I think really are fabulous gifts for moms that she’ll enjoy that really meet the budget requirements that won’t break the bank.


So if I can start first with the idea of going out for a great meal. It sounds so simple but I think before you have kids you go out for meals all the time, and once the kids enter the picture you don’t get a chance to do that as much. A fabulous meal is a real treat- whether it’s a brunch or a dinner and one place I love to recommend is the Bonefish Grill. One thing that’s great is Bonefish Grill has locations across the country and what they’re known for of course is fabulous seafood and they have a wonderful bar that serves bar fresh cocktails. It’s got a wonderful urban vibe. One thing I should mention right on time for the various holidays coming up whether it be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or graduation they have a promotion from now until June 16th if you purchase a $50 gift card you will get a bonus gift card for yourself. You can get the gift cards at the restaurant or on the Bonefish Grill website.


Another idea for you is moms of course are busy mastering the world and juggling and doing 10 things at once, so if you can help her simplify, you can help her enjoy her time and that is a double slam dunk in my opinion. The product I want to recommend that I use and I love is the LG Tone+ Bluetooth stereo headset. It is a headset that you just put right now your neck, it’s really comfortable and you don’t even know it’s there actually. What I love is it connects via Bluetooth so you can listen to music and listen to books and of course talk on the phone and because I’m always multitasking the fact that it’s hands free is key.


Another idea (and this is free) is to give a gift that gives back. What I like to suggest is Johnson & Johnson’s Baby has a wonderful program called the Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Care cards, and basically it’s a Mother’s Day e-card that you can create and you can personalize with a wonderful sentiment and encouraging words. This e-card also benefits mothers that are in need, so here’s how it works: you go to the Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Care site (, and it goes directly to their Facebook page. What you do is you create the card, it’s very easy and you can personalize it. For every card that is sent, shared or liked Johnson’s Baby is going to donate to children to help with their early childhood education programs. What I love is they’re donating up to $150,000 so here’s a great thing you can do for free for all the moms in your life or special women in your life and you truly do benefit other children who are in need around the country.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Dana Hilmer: “I think the one big tip is circling back to the main point and that is make the day special and I think a special day truly doesn’t need to be elaborate. It doesn’t need to be gifts that are worth hundreds of dollars. It really comes down to the simple- let her know you care and spend time with her. Set aside the do list and just spend time together.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Dana Hilmer: “You can go to my website”


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