How to Throw A Fun Summer Party with Colleen Mullaney

With Memorial Day just days away and summer vacation just a few weeks away, Colleen Mullaney joined me for an interview to share fun tips on how to throw a great summer party and dish on how you can add a little excitement into your child’s summer vacation!



Candace Rose: What ideas do you have to pop a little excitement into a child’s summer vacation?

Colleen Mullaney: “I love summer crafts. I keep an array of summer crafts on hand. It’s easy, you can go to your local craft store before school gets out and load up.

My kids especially love to glue beach shells and beach glass to wooden frames and wooden boxes, and they become special keepsakes and mementos from the summer. Also, kids love to collect anything, so scavenger hunts are really a great thing to do, whether you’re at the park or in your backyard just make a list of of things for the kids to collect and off they go. Now if you’re at the beach, a treasure hunt is great! You can dig a hole put party treats from a party store, do a little treasure map and away they go trying to find that treasure.

Now on really hot days- no water slide, no problem! You can make a water slide by taking an old vinyl shower liner and sticking it on the lawn, and if you have a hill or something that’s even better. Run a hose and watch them slide!”


Candace Rose: Everyone enjoys summer days and nights by the pool. Do you have any tips on throwing a backyard pool party?

Colleen Mullaney: “I do. The first thing you need to do is get the pool in tip top shape, and before or after your party, the angry egg pool treatment is the thing to use. It’s easy to use and it cleans and clears cloudy swimming pool water fast and works with all pool sanitation systems. Also, the Silky Swim Goodbye Dry! is a great product, it really enhances your swimming experience by making the water softer and your hair virtually tangle-free and your skin becomes softer and itch-free during and after your swim. It’s perfect.

So now we have the pool all set, let’s get your entertaining needs. I love a big entertaining cart on wheels, I stick it on the patio and I fill it with everything I need so I’m not running back and forth inside the house getting the things I need.

For the kids I use a big bucket and fill it with my fruit juice and sparkling lemonade and waters, and it really becomes their own little center where they can go and get whatever they want. For the adults I make a big signature cocktail, usually a classic like a Rum Punch or a Margarita and fill it with plenty of ice and garnish, and it becomes a self serve bar and you can tend to other things like enjoying your party.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Colleen Mullaney: “Some of my favorite summer treats are fruit kabobs. They’re refreshing and fun and easy to make- just cut an array of fruits, stick them on skewers, put them on a platter and they make a really great to-go treat.

Another great treat this summer for families to fun it up inside and out is Jell-o’s new team red white and blue Jigglers mold kit. We grew up on Jigglers, and Jigglers are fun and easy for the whole family to make summer treat to bring to a summer barbecue, picnic or a pool party. The team red white and blue Jigglers mold kit comes with a star and flag themed molds- berry blue and strawberry Jell-o gelatin, and can be found at a store near you. Jell-o is also making a donation to team red white and blue.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Colleen Mullaney: “You can go get more information and great tips and recipes at or”


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