Walkabout With Dr. Andrew Weil on National Walking Day!


Walkout on National Walk Day with Dr. Andrew Weil!

Walkout on National Walking Day with Dr. Andrew Weil!


Would you like to start a walking routine, but plagued by foot pain? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association 72% of Americans say they don’t exercise because foot pain is preventing them from doing so. What’s worse is being inactive puts you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

World renowned Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, global health expert Dr. Andrew Weil and fitness expert and celebrity trainer Juliet Kaska of JK Zen Fitness will kick-off the nationwide Walkabout campaign on National Walking Day, April 3, 2013.


celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska leading a walk in Santa Monica.

celebrity fitness trainer Juliet Kaska leading a walk in Santa Monica.

What exactly IS Walkabout? A Walkabout is an Australian journey for well-being, during which one seeks to clarify his/her life purpose. It is a time of reflection and to reconnect with family and community.  Our version of Walkabout is inspired by the Aussies and aims to improve physical and mental well-being, while creating healthy habits over the course of 28 days.

To participate in the Walkabout online, be sure to join the conversation on Twitter and tag images on Instagram with #Walkabout2013.


Here are some great tips on walking from renowned physician, Dr. Andre Weil:
Are You Walking the Right Way? Tips from Dr. Andrew Weil
Walking is an ideal way to get daily exercise – it strengthens almost every major organ in the body, promotes optimal bone density, and boosts the immune system. But have you considered how to best put one foot in front of the other? Your walking habits can have an impact on how much benefit you get from each outing. Keep the following in mind when walking:
Maximize the benefit from your daily walks:

– Walk with your head erect. Look ahead and train your sight 10 to 20 feet ahead of you. If you need to check the ground to avoid obstacles, lower your eyes, not your head, and try not to thrust your trunk forward or let your arms dangle listlessly at your sides

– Keep your back straight. Stretch your spine so your shoulders are level and square, and tuck your buttocks in

– Bend your arms. Flex your elbows at close to 90-degree angles and let your arms swing at waist level

– Take shorter, measured steps, with your feet striking the ground with the heel and pushing off with the toes. Too long a stride can throw you off balance

Participants are able to sign-up for the 2013 Walkabout here: http://www.weilbeing.com/2013-walkabout-signup


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