The Knot’s Anja Winikka Talks Wedding Planning Tips and Trends

With engagement season officially over, many brides across the country have either started planning their wedding or are looking to start very soon. Unfortunately planning for one of the most important days of your life can be very overwhelming and cause unneeded stress. The Knot’s, site director, Anja Winikka joined me for an interview recently to share helpful wedding and honeymoon planning tips and trends to ensure your big day is a success!


The Knot's site director Anja Winikka shares wedding planning tips and honeymoon trends!

The Knot’s, site director, Anja Winikka shares wedding planning tips and honeymoon trends!





Candace Rose: What are some of your top secrets when it comes to wedding planning?

Anja Winikka: “Big secret? Prioritize. When you’re starting out, you’ve got a lot to think about, but think about the top three things you want to nail and wow your guests with, and then find sneaky ways to save on the other things. Maybe it’s your dress, maybe it’s the band…but you have to choose.”


Candace Rose: What are some great gift ideas for the bridal party or even your guests?

Anja Winikka: “So, yeah you’ve got to find a great idea for your bridal party, and your bridesmaids especially who have had your back. So you want to choose possibly some jewelry. Pandora’s a great company because they have a lot of options that are very cool. They have leather bracelets, and you can add a customized charm too depending on the girl’s personality. They also have stackable rings that come in all the different birthstones, I think that’s a fun personal idea. Even like flower girl options- like cute little bracelets with little bloom charms, and more sophisticated charm bracelets for moms. So affordable luxury, that’s a good combination when you’re looking at bridal party gifts.”


Jewelry makes a great gift for the bridal party, especially these bracelets from Pandora!

Jewelry makes a great gift for the bridal party, especially these bracelets from Pandora!


Candace Rose: What trends are you seeing in honeymoons for 2013?

Anja Winikka: “Well, a lot of couples just want to lay on the beach after the wedding, so tropical destinations are big. The Bahamas in particular because there are 16 different islands to choose from- there’s the Exumas, there’s Paradise Island. There’s great, great things to do there too like candlelight dinner on the beach, water sports, and great hotels at that. So great option for honeymoons.”

Tropical honeymoons are on trend for 2013, especially to the Bahamas!

Tropical honeymoons are on trend for 2013, especially to the Bahamas!


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips for creating a wedding registry?

Anja Winikka: “Create a wedding registry early. Do this almost as soon as you get engaged; you want time to look at those products and really finesse that list. Look for a store that has a variety of price points and tons of different options from your bedroom to your bathroom to the fine dining. I like Bed Bath & Beyond because they do have all of that. They also have a lot of registry consultants that can help you answer a lot of questions like which fork goes with which place mat kind of a thing. So that’s great, and to add to that, they even have a good exchange policy, so if you do get two toasters from two people, no problem there…it’s a no fuss process.”

Candace Rose: What’s trending for reception videos?

Anja Winikka: “Well, for reception videos, couples will hire a videographer, a photographer, but they’re also using technology in really cool new ways. For example, this website called where you can upload and basically create a video of the two of you. As you upload your photos, you choose your style, upload music and captions, and you can literally create this video in 15 minutes, which looks fabulous. You can showcase it at the rehearsal dinner or maybe even at the reception. So, I love using technology in new ways to really personalize your wedding.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Anja Winikka: “So if you want to find any more information on any of the things I was talking about here, it’s And for more planning advice, tips and tricks, and things like that, go to”



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