Tech Mom Gifts for Mother’s Day with Technology Expert Marc Silverstein

Have you started shopping for mom this Mother’s Day? With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, tech expert Marc Silverstein stopped by to share some of the top tech items every mom on your list is sure to love!


Tech expert Marc Silverstein talks tech gift ideas for mom this Mother's Day (May 12th)

Tech expert Marc Silverstein talks tech gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day (May 12th)!




Candace Rose: What are some great tech gifts for every mom on your list this Mother’s Day?

Marc Silverstein: “We’re going to gently nudge into 2013 with a high tech makeover. She’s going to love these ideas, and a great way to start is with a Blackberry Z10 Smartphone. This is a great gift for mom who is looking to balance work and family and stay connected and capture memories. It has a touchscreen keyboard that’s designed for one handed typing and control. That’s great for mom, and great for everyone who has got to juggle the groceries and the busy work day. It learns her writing style, so it actually suggests words so you can type faster. Mom is really going to love the time shift camera feature. This lets her point and adjust elements of a picture to get the perfect shot. You can actually scroll back a few frames to open one of the kids eyes in the pictures, and then you can forward to catch the other one smiling and there you go! You capture and create the picture perfect family moment.


Does mom get tired from carrying around a big heavyweight computer? Well, let’s refresh her tech with the Intel Inspired lightweight Ultrabook convertibles, like the Lenovo Yoga. This combines features of a laptop with the touch features of a tablet. You get the best of both, and best of all it’s super lightweight. It has a long battery and best of all mom doesn’t have to lug around that old tired outdated PC.


Now does mom love music? I know she does. Well, specially designed super small earphones called the Jabra VOX- they use DOLBY digital plus, they’re optimized for superior sound and performance. They work with all portable devices. You can play, you can pause the music. You can skip tracks, you can take phone calls all with the inline and controls. Something I really love about them- tangle free cables. That frees up hours in my day from not having to untangle the cables- great idea there.


Of course mom needs accessories to go with all this- the Swoozie black phone purse from Golla brings fashion to the smartphone. It provides a number of compartments and extra pockets for credit cards and mad money. Mom can take the style anywhere with the wrist strap. The black nylon material gives a casual feel to this and it makes the phone fit for any occasion. This is available as the Dallas sleeve for laptops.


How many old piles of floppy disks does mom have stashed away in cabinets, in closets, in drawers…and she just doesn’t know what to do with them? I’ve got an idea for you: this Mother’s Day you can bring back all the old pictures for mom, send it in to, and they’ll transfer the files for under $2 a disk. Put them on a thumb drive and get together with mom to reminisce about all those great pictures and whatever else you may find that is stored on those old floppy disks.


Go to to check out all of these tech ideas for mom this Mother’s Day.


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