Spring Home C.P.R. and DIY Tips with Lifestyle Expert Kelly Edwards

Happy spring! With April upon us it’s time to start spring cleaning our homes, and who better to teach us than HGTV star, lifestyle expert and author Kelly Edwards? She joined me this week to dish her favorite cleaning products to ensure your home looks fab, tips for organizing your home, and even a fun DIY project you can complete this weekend!!!


Spring cleaning C.P.R. with lifestyle expert, HGTV host and The Design Cookbook author Kelly Edwards

Spring cleaning C.P.R. with lifestyle expert, HGTV host and The Design Cookbook author Kelly Edwards!


Candace Rose: What are the first steps we must take when spring cleaning our homes?

Kelly Edwards: “A lot of people get so overwhelmed with the thought of spring cleaning because they think they have to do everything all at once and it’s this huge job. But in all reality, you can do it over the course of a month. It can be very easy breezy, you just have to have the right tools and be dedicated for a couple weekends.

One place that you should certainly start on your cleaning is one of the messiest rooms of the house because it gets the most traffic, which is obviously your kitchen. If you keep up with daily maintenance on your kitchen, it’ll be so much easier on yourself. That includes wiping down the countertops, or that egg and cheese omelet that you had for breakfast; doing the dishes right away is imperative. When doing the dishes you need the right tools, I actually have a new product that I fell in love with recently that I wanted to share with you, and that is the Scotch Brite newest cleaning innovation which is called the Stay Clean sponge. This is great for everybody who does the dishes in general because it rinses all your dishes clean, and then of course it won’t trap food guaranteed. So you save so much time by using this particular product in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to stay in there too long if I’m not eating or making something or actually entertaining.


The second thing to think about for spring cleaning is your laundry. This is the time of year when all of us take those spring and summer clothes, take them out of the bags that we’ve had them in for the past three or four months, and then when you pull them out of those winter bags they actually smell kind of musty because they’ve just been sitting there. Before you put them in your closet you want to make sure you wash them, and you want to add in a scent booster. I have with me the Downy Unstopables which I particularly love. They have a new scent called Spring, which is very fitting. It smells amazing, it smells just like spring. The scent actually lasts up to 12 weeks so it makes your clothes stay fresh until the next wash so you don’t even have to worry about this. So this is kind of a no brainer for me, because we were just talking about the fact that when your clothes smell good and you smell all those fresh scents around the house you kind of want to continue it on around the rest, right?


I have something for organizing which is really nice, because for me spring is really about organizing my pantry and my closets, particularly my office; and one of the ways I stay organized is by making labels. It kind of lets me know where everything is. I like to use the Brother P-touch PT-H100, which is truly amazing. It’s easy to use, it’s handheld, it’s portable so it can really go anywhere in any room of the house with you. You can create durable labels, they have a cable labeling feature which is really cool because it organizes all those unsightly cables wires. If you’re anything like me, if anyone unplugs the TV, or the VCR or the stereo, or whatever it is…I have no idea where those wires go, so this keeps me organized and let’s me know how to put things back and put things where they go.


And last but not least, my new baby that I’ve created, my new design book. It’s springtime and people love to decorate in the spring. A lot of people get really confused by design, and in terms of design books they don’t know if they like them or not or if they’re too DIY. What I noticed is everyone loves cookbooks. I wrote a new design book that’s actually built like a cookbook, so it’s amazing because you can go into the book and it has recipes for rooms, so it’s a step-by-step guide, and it’s got some great DIY projects in it, and I know once spring comes people like to go outside and do those DIY projects, and I’ve packed them all in here. You can find the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and of course there’s a link on my website: KellyEdwardsInc.com for it.”


The Design Cookbook by Kelly Edwards

“The Design Cookbook” by Kelly Edwards


Candace Rose: Congratulations on the new book! Is there one DIY idea that you have for those of us looking to do something this weekend?

Kelly Edwards: “I love repurposing- the sanding and the staining and the spray painting. I am a firm believer that any piece of furniture in your house can be changed with a can of spray paint. For instance, in the back of the book there are some lamps that used to be brown, and they’re sitting on my console in my dining room. I one day thought ‘I don’t want these to be brown anymore’ so I spray painted them green. I just went out and got a can of spray paint and said they’re green. To be honest, it’s an added color to that space where I didn’t have any before and I think it looks amazing. So grab a can of spray paint, girl, get out there and start spray painting.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Kelly Edwards: “I will have this- all of my favorite products, they’ll all be on my website KellyEdwardsInc.com. Every week I try to update with some added tips and tricks for your home. I think as far as getting organized goes, I think if you get these you’ll be good.”


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