Spring Cleaning Tips and DIY Tricks with “Tipman” Tim Thompson

With spring officially upon us, it’s time to start cleaning your humble abode. If like me, you find cleaning extremely overwhelming and avoid it with a passion, I think you’ll be happy to hear what “Tipman” Tim Thompson has to say about how you can clean with ease.

Tim tests tips that are submitted to him on a daily basis, and he shared some of his top spring cleaning  tips and DIY tricks, and some tips that you DON’T want to try at home!

Tipman Tim Thompson shares spring cleaning tips and DIY tricks!

“Tipman” Tim Thompson shares spring cleaning tips and DIY tricks!


Candace Rose: You’re known for your out of the box ideas, can you tell us how a sock, a spaghetti spoon and pantyhose can help us clean?

Tim Thompson: “I really like the off the wall tips, I don’t deny it. From a cleaning standpoint you should never throw away old socks. In fact one of the things I’ll do is I’ll take a wet soapy sock, put it on my left hand and a clean dry sock and put it on my right hand. I know I look kind of silly, but man when it comes to cleaning my house you can really zip doing that, and I highly recommend that tip.


"Tipman" Tim Thompson recommends using socks when cleaning your ceiling fan!

“Tipman” Tim Thompson recommends using socks when cleaning your ceiling fan!


Something else you need to do in the springtime is you really need to clean out your gutters. Most people don’t do it and you really need to. Basically when you see green things growing out in your gutters you know it smells pretty bad. I recommend for cleaning them out is a spaghetti spoon. It’s perfect, you fit it in there and it works really well. A lot of people will just use their hands, don’t. Use a spaghetti spoon instead.

Also, it’s kind of frustrating when you put a trash bag liner in the trash can and the liner just wants to fall in. There’s a tip that I was given some years ago that works really well, just take an old pair of pantyhose, you cut off the top two inches and then you take that and put that around the trash bag liner. It holds it perfectly in place- great tip.”


Candace Rose: New doesn’t always mean better. What are some tried and true resources to get the job done?

Tim Thompson: “There are certain tips that are classics, the first one is in springtime you need to get the lint out of your dryer exhaust vent, it’s actually a fire hazard. There are tens of thousands of fires each year in the U.S. from people who don’t remove that lint. The best way to get rid of it? An electric leaf blower. Just go and take this baby, you remove your flex duct that fits right down into the duct and you blow it from inside your house to outside- 150 miles per hour wind gets all that lint out of there and does an amazing job.

And speaking of guy tips, WD-40 actually does a great job on linoleum hardwood floors and getting up scuffs. It also does a great job cleaning up stainless steel.

Another tool- I was recently given this app and I love this thing, it’s the Free YP Local Search and Gas Prices app. The reason I like it so much is because it has a listing of all your local contractors with reviews on them. So for those spring cleaning projects that are kind of above and beyond your skill set, you can find someone to help you with it- great app and I love the gas price aspect of it as well.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any cleaning tips to make spring less miserable for allergy sufferers?

Tim Thompson: “I’m in Atlanta and pollen is awful right now, allergies are bad. In fact, I think like one in five Americans suffer from allergies and asthma.

Three things I recommend for cleaning your house, the first one is: You really need to call Stanley Steemer and have them do what’s called a whole home clean. A lot of people don’t know that they do this, but there’s a recent study done showing that Stanley Steemer has the capability of removing like 97% of surface allergens and 67% of airborne cat allergens. This is something that you and I can’t really do, but they have the equipment and the knowledge to do it. If you’re like me and you suffer from allergies, get them to come and clean the house.

Two other things that you can do yourself is make sure you take your ceiling fan blades and clean those off because over the wintertime dust and dust mites will build up on those blades. The best way to clean them is just use an old pillow case, put it over it and clean it off. Throw the pillowcase in the washing machine. Also, make sure you change out your air filters on your air conditioning system, not just on an energy standpoint, but also helping preserve your air conditioner. And from a health standpoint, you really need to change these things out.”

Candace Rose: What are some of the most popular tips that don’t work?

Tim Thompson: “I get a lot of tips each day on Tipman Tim and we go and test them all out. Believe it or not probably about half the tips I get are bogus, that’s why I test them.

And some of the recent tips I was given- one, this is actually all over the internet and people have been emailing this around, it’s where you can use WD-40 to clean your big screen TV, don’t it. I love WD-40, but do not use it on your big screen TV. In fact all you need to do is use a microfiber cloth with no chemicals and it does a great job.

Another bogus tip is you can use vanilla extract on a light bulb to make the room smell good. Don’t waste your time, it takes a whole lot of vanilla extract.

And my favorite is one that’s going around the internet right now is you can use peanut butter and a coffee filter to remove scratches from your CD, don’t waste your time. It actually adds more scratches and makes it greasy.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Tim Thompson: “Well, I’ll tell you what, there’s a website: MoreTipsForYou.com, go check it out. And also, I have a Facebook page Tipman Tim, so if you have any tips you’d like to submit, please do. I test them, and every day I have new tips for people to check out.”



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