How Moms Can Simplify Their Daily Routines to Maximize Time with Parenting Expert Tara Aronson

Are you a mom or dad that’s looking to save time on your daily routine? Cleaning up after the kids, tidying up the house and organizing your humble abode can be very time consuming, but according to lifestyle and parenting expert, Tara Aronson it doesn’t have to be! Tara joined me for an interview yesterday to share tips on how parents can cut down on the amount of time spent on their routines around the house, she also dished on some of her favorite cleaning products and must haves, and offered tips on how to get your children involved in cleaning too.


Lifestyle and parenting expert Tara Aronson shares tips on how parents can save time on their everyday routines and maximize time!

Lifestyle and parenting expert Tara Aronson shares tips on how parents can save time on their everyday routines and maximize time!


Candace Rose: What can busy moms or dads on the go do to cut down on the amount of time spent on their routine around the house?

Tara Aronson: “Probably the easiest thing we can do is to add a simple task to something we’re already doing around the house. In the morning when you’re making coffee, go ahead and wipe crumbs off the counter and maybe clean the inside of the microwave. Always as you’re cooking try to cleanup as you go. Really at the end of the day and at the end of the week it’s going to cut down substantially on the amount of time that you’re spending cleaning. You could even cut it in half.”


Candace Rose: How do you handle everyday messes there isn’t much time for cleanup?

Tara Aronson: “Be prepared, that’s probably rule number one. I’ve got a cleaning caddy here (please see video above), it’s stocked and ready to go. Whenever I hear that piercing scream and I know something has been spilled, you just grab it and go. You want to have it stocked with everything you need with cleaners, scrubbers, paper towels.

Actually, I like paper towels better than dishcloths because dishcloths, even after first use and if you were to use them again you’re redepositing that back on the surface. So instead this Bounty DuraTowel is the closest thing I’ve found to a cleaning cloth. It feels like cloth and it cleans like cloth so you can actually scrub with it and then you throw it away. You throw away the germs and the dirt, so it’s just smarter cleaning and I think it’s safer.

Speaking of smart cleaning, I always try and get products that do double duty. If I can’t do it I’m hoping the product can. Since this is spring cleaning season one of the things that should be on our list is cleaning the inside of our dishwasher, and also doing the dishes on a regular basis. The Cascade Platinum Packs go right into the dishwasher and they actually get rid inside your dishwasher the hard water spots, the food, the stuff that just bakes on. It also gets the dishes spot-free and clear too. It makes it really easy around spring cleaning time.”

Candace Rose: What can parents do to keep kid-friendly areas of the house clean and organized?

Tara Aronson: “That’s always a challenge. This little handy caddy (see video above) here is very generic. It’s not necessarily meant for cleaners, I would also use it to put my son’s little army toys in there or maybe my daughter’s hair bows and hairbands. It’s really neat because it’s open, which means the kids can actually help in putting their things away. So I think that’s key especially if you’re kids are younger.

And they also should be doing laundry by the way. That’s probably one of the most time consuming things I think we do as parents. I got my youngest one (I wasn’t waiting around!) by the time he was two sorting clothes. It didn’t exactly help but he got used to doing something when I was doing the laundry. It also helped him to differentiate between colors- put whites over here, reds over there and blues over there. But eventually by the time he was seven or eight he graduated to actually operating the machines which was awesome. I made sure he was successful. I’ve used Tide detergent for years for one good reason: it works. But more importantly when my son forgets that whites are supposed to get hot water, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to do it again. It’s frustrating for me and for him. But Tide won’t allow dirt and soils to redeposit in the water, so even when you make little booboos or your kids do, you don’t have to spend the time rewashing. I think for kids, they need that reinforcement for success.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Tara Aronson: “I will admit that sometimes when I’m on the go, I get a little dirty as well. Tide also came out with a really need product that I can actually take with me, and this is called the Tide To Go Stain Eraser. It’s a little microfiber pad that actually removes the stain. It’s not like a pre-treater that you go home and do something with. It actually lifts and removes the stain, and you can even use it on dry cleanable fabric. Usually when I spill the coffee is when I’m going to a meeting or something and I’ve got nice clothes on. It’s also great for kids, I’ll put it in their backpack in case they end up with a grape juice spill they can immediately just blot it off.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Tara Aronson: “You can find out more about these products at, and I actually put up a couple lists of age appropriate chores for kids that you can see on my website which is”


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