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Remodeling one’s home can be a pricy project, especially in one of the most popular rooms in the house, the bathroom! Today’s Homeowner host and contractor, Danny Lipford joined me once again, this time from the home of a client who is remodeling his bathroom. Danny dished on the biggest trends in bathroom decor, energy saving appliances, and much more!

Today's Homeowner Danny Lipford talks bathroom remodel trends!

Today’s Homeowner Danny Lipford talks bathroom remodel trends!




Candace Rose: What’s the first thing that homeowners must do when planning to remodel their bathroom?

Danny Lipford: “You need to have a very realistic look at everything. You see the magazines and all the wonderful television shows, and you can get a little over inspired sometimes, so you need to be careful on realistic expectations. I’m right in the middle of a project here. We’ve been working on it for about two or three weeks and you wouldn’t believe what this thing looked like a few weeks ago, it was stuck in 1990. The homeowners built the home 22 years ago, and they had the traditional ugly green carpet, and they had kind of a poor allocation of space, and some of the ugliest plaid wallpaper I’ve ever seen. They’re pretty relieved that we’re changing this bathroom considerably.”


Bathroom before photo!

Bathroom before photo!


Candace Rose: So how do you get what you want in your bathroom without spending a lot of money?

Danny Lipford: “A lot of times people think the only way you can really save on any kind of remodeling project like your bathroom is to do a lot of the work yourself. But actually you can do a lot of the work yourself but not the kind of work that’s going to get your hands dirty, it’s more the research and some really smart purchasing.

Now the homeowners here made a great purchase here and I think you’ll agree with me when you see this (please see video above for details). This is a vanity from Virtu USA, and they’ve got the cabinet and they’ve got the countertop which is real marble, a cast iron sink and a beautiful framed mirror all as a set. They had it delivered right to their house, ordered it over the internet and paid less than half of what you would have to pay a local cabinet shop- very easy assembly, very easy installation, it’s a great way to go. They didn’t have to compromise on quality at all, Candace, because everything is solid oak, they have slow closing hinges and very quiet drawers and such. It’s a great way to go. They went with a very popular expresso finish on the cabinet, so very smart move and that’s the way you can really keep the budget down is by getting involved in the project in this manner.”

Candace Rose: Are there any other things that we must consider when remodeling our bathroom?

Danny Lipford: “Some of the things that you need to consider you just might not see. People get so tied up with all of the look of everything- colors and such, but a lot of times you can have a very nice looking item like the vanity faucet from Moen, but there’s also some things that you can’t see when you’re looking at this.

They’re about to remodel their kitchen as well and they picked up this faucet and what’s unique about this is- Moen, for the first time ever partnered up with Microban International which creates a product that is antimicrobial that is integrated into the manufacturing of the faucet and will enable the homeowners to have a much cleaner environment in their bathroom, and it really goes against any of the staining that can take place with bacteria, so it resists bacteria and makes for a very nice looking faucet and one that will stay nice for a long time. These were just introduced exclusively to Home Depot, very reasonable cost and it’s something that I think people will see as a very realistic way of going.

But you know another thing that they did here is that they installed a tankless water heater from Rinnai. And the reason this is significant is because this particular house the homeowner here has three teenaged daughters, so he’s been having to schedule his shower time, not only with his teenaged daughters but also with the dishwasher and the washing machine and everything else in the house that uses hot water. With the tankless water heater he has an endless supply of hot water, he’s saving up to 40% on his water heating bill and it’s very important on the endless water supply because another trend is soaking tubs instead of whirlpools. This takes a lot of hot water and he’ll be glad he has that Rinnai installed.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Danny Lipford: “Well, certainly trends are always big in any kind of home improvement, particularly bathrooms. We’re seeing a lot of people going with larger and larger tiles- these are 20 x 20 that minimizes the amount of grout joints you have to keep clean.

Also, wood ceilings are being used throughout the house and a lot of that natural light and fresh air is important in any room of the house, but particularly a bathroom. It gives it a nice feel to have that kind of natural light beaming in.”


These 20 x 20 tiles are on trend for bathroom remodels

These 20 x 20 tiles are on trend for bathroom remodels.


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Danny Lipford: “Well, I hope everybody will drop by our website at TodaysHomeOwner.com, all the information that we talked about today and a lot more information to help you have the best looking house on the block.”


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