HGTV’s Carmen De La Paz Talks Paint Trends and Mother’s Day Craft Project

Are you looking to update your home this season? If the thought of painting your home causes you to unwanted anxiety you’re not alone…I’m right there with you! Thankfully HGTV’s HammerHeads host, Carmen De La Paz joined me this week to ease our painting woes. She discussed the top paint trends for 2013, how to paint your kitchen cabinets properly, and even dished on a fun spring craft project kids can give to their mom or grandma this Mother’s Day!


Carmen De La Paz shares easy to do paint projects!

Carmen De La Paz shares DIY paint and craft projects!





Candace Rose: What are some of the most popular home decor trends this season?

Carmen De La Paz: “It’s a question that I get asked all the time, it’s about what’s going on now, what’s hot, what’s cool, what’s new. And I’m going to tell you, it’s all about paint. Why? Because paint is the most cost effective way that you can impact anything. I’m talking about the walls, a full room, a piece of furniture. So the trends right now are that people still want personality, and still people want to add a little bit of a touch, but they’re anchoring themselves into neutrals meaning grays and khakis and tans and creams become the base for the walls in the space. But you’ve got a splash of color being added in through not only pillows and curtains, but as well as through the paint where they’re doing things like a frame around the door. Something I’ve been doing for a really long time and it’s really cool and hip and happening and all of that you do with making sure you’re isolating one paint from the other with the tape.

You see the kitchen doors that I’ve got here (please see video above for details)? This serves to your answer as well is people are looking to save money, but they’re also looking to revive things. So here’s a kitchen cabinet- you can redo your cabinets. It’s about doing the right prep and getting them ready and going ahead and paying them. Blues are huge this year in all the paint manufacturers. They’re featuring blues big time as well as the neutrals that you see here. The most important thing are these sharp crisp lines that I have here. The sharp paint lines are all achieved with Scotch Blue painters tape. It has an edge lock technology that just ensures that you keep the paint out in the space and you also have those super sharp paint lines. So that technique that I was talking about there- the framing, it all is the same technique, it’s just about being creative and aha! with the paint.”

Carmen De La Paz shares tips on how YOU can paint your kitchen cabinets!

Carmen De La Paz shares tips on how YOU can paint your kitchen cabinets!


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips for beginners who aren’t that great at painting (such as myself!)?

Carmen De La Paz: “Well, first of all congratulations this is the first day to something that you’re going to love. The big secret is that none of us was born with a paintbrush in our hands, so it’s just your first time. But the biggest thing is to be a detail maniac. To be really oriented the details. When you go and lay that tape down make sure it’s really nice on the edge and on the line. Wherever you put the tape is where the paint is going to go. It’s up to you to install the tape exactly where you want it to go, but other than that take your time and be detail maniac, put a lot of tarps down that you won’t slip on and always remember safety.”

Candace Rose: What are some other ways we can personalize our homes without spending a lot of money?

Carmen De La Paz: “Well, above and beyond all the things that we spoke about already, it’s about looking for ways that are different. The flea market finds, the framing around the door. We’ve got the kitchen projects.

Here’s a really cool Mother’s Day project (please see video above for details) that I’ve created, and I’ve just taken a wooden tray, I’ve painted it, primed it and created stripes along the edging. The same stripes are carried over into the plate, and the only thing that’s changed from the tray to the plates is actually the paint. The tape stays the same, the brush stays the same, the technique stays the same. The only difference is that we’re actually just putting the tape, rubbing it, doing the tape and changing the paint so that the paint actually marries to ceramic or glass.

It’s these little things that people think, ‘Painters tape on small craft projects?’ Absolutely painters tape on small craft projects will go a long way in saving you heartache, having to do that line only once and making sure it looks really good, something you’re proud of!”


Looking for a fun craft project for the kids for Mother's Day? Check out this beautiful serving tray and dishes!

Looking for a fun craft project for the kids for Mother’s Day? Check out this beautiful serving tray and dishes!


Candace Rose: Is this a project that kids can attempt?

Carmen De La Paz: “Yeah, this is a project that I thought would be awesome if a child did it with a father let’s say for a Mother’s Day gift. It not only becomes a Mother’s Day gift, it’s breakfast in bed, but you know that mom’s going to want to hang onto that tray and those dishes for quite a while.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Carmen De La Paz: “Absolutely. We’ve got a ton of information, a ton of tips and inspiration. For all of that you can go to where you’ll find all of these projects that I’m talking about and more to help your next paint project be very successful.”


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