Girls Night In Breakfast Inspired Drink Recipes with Cooking Channel’s Alie Ward & Georgia Hardstark

Looking for a fun drink recipe for a girls night this weekend? If a fun night in with your best girlfriends is in your future, you’re in luck. Mixologists and Cooking Channel contributors Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark joined me for an interview this week to dish on fun innovative cocktails that are breakfast inspired. If you’re a fan of blueberry pancakes or crisp maple bacon, or even delicious glazed donuts with a side of coffee, you’ll definitely be intrigued!


Cooking Channel's Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark share breakfast inspired drink recipes for your next girls night in!

Cooking Channel’s Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark share breakfast inspired drink recipes for your next girls night in!


Candace Rose: What are some of your favorite drink recipes for a girls night in?

Alie Ward: “We are big fans of innovative cocktails. Everyone has had classic cocktails, but we love something that just excites people. That’s why when Mama Walker’s asked us to start creating recipes for them, we tried their new line of their breakfast inspired liqueurs and they’re really phenomenal. They’ve got a Glazed Doughnut, they have a Blueberry Pancake and a Maple Bacon. They’re a great base to cocktails, but they’re also really good on their own so we’re pretty giddy about it.”


Georgia Hardstark: “We had a lot of fun testing new recipes. We invited some girlfriends over and forced them to try these recipes, so we came up with some really fun flavors. The Maple Bacon is really great right now with a Bloody Mary. The Glazed Doughnut? Coffee, that’s all you need.”


Alie Ward: “I really love the Blueberry Pancake because it’s a little buttery but it’s still tart and sweet, so it works really well in a lemon based cocktail: lemon juice, agave and fresh blueberries. It is also really good in a wine spritzer.

It was really fun for us to try it on their own and try to figure out what cocktail could use all the depth of flavor that they have.”


A lemon blueberry cocktail served in a Mason jar!

A lemon blueberry cocktail served in a Mason jar!


Georgia Hardstark: “They’re good on their own and you can make a crazy cocktail, but you can also just do something which I love, which is just Maple Bacon and Jameson. You don’t have to get crazy with it, it’s still delicious.”


Alie Ward: “What I think is fun about getting together with your friends is anytime, not just for breakfast, but even for a late lunch, for dinner, for dessert cocktails. It’s something that people are excited about and want to try. And that’s really what we found with this, people just go crazy for it. It’s been really fun.”

Candace Rose: What inspired this new line?

Alie Ward: “I think breakfast. I think everyone loves breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the best meal of the week. There’s something so comforting about pancakes and donuts and dipping a slice of bacon and maple, something that everyone is really nostalgic for. They really tapped into this really comforting taste that we’re all so familiar with.”

Georgia Hardstark: “We have this ritual when someone is having a bad day or having a bad month or anything, we get late night pancakes, and the word ‘let’s get pancakes’ just means that I need to talk to you about something and just eat a huge diner plate of pancakes. So this kind of taps into that and hanging out with your best friends and talking and having a late night delicious cocktail.”

Serve your girls a Glazed Doughnut or Maple Bacon drink at your next party!

Serve your girls a Glazed Doughnut or Maple Bacon drink at your next party!


Candace Rose: With the weekend upon us, what’s a great drink recipe that you’d recommend?

Alie Ward: “I love the Maple Bacon Bloody Mary. I think it’s really great.”


Georgia Hardstark: “We also made a really great cocktail with the Glazed Donut. Who doesn’t love a lemon filled glazed doughnut? So we made a lemon filled glazed doughnut cocktail that tastes like a lemon filled glazed doughnut, and you can find that on”


Alie Ward: “It’s really easy and there aren’t too many ingredients because the flavors are so layered in each of the liqueurs that you don’t have to do a bunch of infusing on your own. You don’t need 17 different ingredients, you can really make some complex and delicious cocktails using it as a base spirit which has been great.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Alie Ward: “Well, you can find more about it- they’re 70 proof liqueurs and has a lot of information so you can find out where you can get your hands on some.”


Georgia Hardstark: “You can also go to Facebook, it’s Mama Walker’s. The Twitter is @Mama_Walker. You can find us there too, and you can tell us what your favorite flavor is or what your favorite recipe is or ask us for recipes. Gently stalk us.”



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