Adopt an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with Tech and Lifestyle Expert Chris Leary

Are you looking to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Tech and lifestyle expert, Chris Leary joined me live from Earth Day New York to dish on the simple steps we can take to become more eco-friendly in every aspect of our lives- from work to school to home, and much more!


Tech expert Chris Leary dishes on how we can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle!

Tech expert Chris Leary dishes on how we can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle! Image courtesy of Fox All Access


Candace Rose: What are some simple steps we can take to be eco-friendly?

Chris Leary: “We can actually follow the lead of the companies. I’m here at Earth Day New York at Grand Central Terminal. There’s a lot of great companies I’m seeing there that are actually making it easy for consumers and businesses to be green.


Here’s an example: Think about all the paper that gets you through business and school- We’ll start with businesses first. What if you can reuse that paper up to five times? Well, you’d be helping the planet and saving money, right? What I have here is the world’s first copier with erasable toner. It’s from Toshiba, it’s the e-studio 306 LT and it’s making it’s U.S. debut right here at Earth Day New York. What it does is it uses a unique toner that lets you erase printed images and text with it’s accompanying unit. Not only does it dramatically reduce paper usage but it also reduces emissions by up to 57%, which is great. Companies are meeting the needs of being green and they’re raising productivity and the prices are getting better, so I think they’re taking a good lead on this.


Of course we’re always reminding people to reduce and reuse and recycle which is great, and there’s one more R word to add and that is called: Refresh. Intel and Staples got together and they have this new program that lets you bring in your qualified old laptop or tablet, you bring it into Staples by April 27th and you can trade up to a touch enabled system. The Intel Inspired Lenovo Yoga Ultrabook. It can also be eligible to receive up to a $400 Visa Prepaid card which is great. You want to get rid of your old stuff, you might as well get some money for it. But this Ultrabook has a 360 degree flip and fold design, it weighs under three and a half pounds, which is really light and you get up to eight hours of battery life, so you get productivity and style at the same time without giving up anything.


We mentioned recycling. Sometimes there’s a product out there that you don’t have to recycle. Think about if you’re tired of lugging these huge bottles of soda from the store. The SodaStream Source transforms ordinary tap water right out of your tap into fizzy great tasting soda right in your home. It takes less than 30 seconds and there’s no bottles to keep buying. You just use the same bottle over and over again. One of the benefits is it’s actually healthier soda so there’s no high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. They give you over 100 flavors to choose from. And here’s an interesting stat- You won’t have to lug 10,657 bottles and cans from the stores because that’s pretty much what an average family puts into a landfill in five years.


Another thing I found in Earth Day New York is a program it’s called the Earth Day Organic Indoor Learning Garden. They provide a portable indoor garden for the schools throughout the country. It looks neat. It looks like a three feet by two feet plastic bucket more or less. It’s about a foot and a half deep and you put dirt in it and then you plant things in there. You put it in the schoolroom or in the classroom, and they can plant their own lettuce and things. They can watch it grow and be responsible. And then they can eat it, so it’s really interactive. It pretty much teaches them about nutrition and organics. It’s good to start teaching the kids when they’re young so they can do this when they’re older too and make our lovely earth even better.


In fact, you can get one of these in your school- just go to, we have a link to how to get that. Of course we have links to all the other things we talked about as well.”


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