West Coast Travel Trends for Spring with Travel Expert Jennifer Dunyon

As a lifelong Californian, I know I’m biased, but the west coast is definitely the place to be, especially during the spring season. It may only be March, but we’ll be experiencing temps in the high 70’s all week! If you’re thinking of making the trek to the west coast, but aren’t sure whether you should head to Northern or Southern California, Vegas or Arizona this spring, you’re in luck! “Get Away Today” Senior Travel Editor, Jennifer Dunyon joined me this week to share tips on how to get the best deals when traveling for Spring Break and dish on the top travel trends she’s seeing for spring on the west coast- from Disneyland to San Francisco to the sandy beaches of San Diego to the desert of Scottsdale, Arizona (where many MLB teams like the World Champion San Francisco Giants are holding their Spring Training) and  more!


Get Away Today, Senior Travel Editor Jennifer Dunyon dishes on the top west coast travel trends for Spring Break

Get Away Today, Senior Travel Editor Jennifer Dunyon dishes on the top west coast travel trends for Spring Break 2013!



Candace Rose: What are some of the top travel trends for spring 2013?

Jennifer Dunyon: “A lot of people decided not to take a vacation in 2012. So for spring 2013, people are excited, they want to go on vacation. We’re seeing about a 25% increase in travelers, and people are definitely coming to the west coast, and are looking for drive to destinations as well.”


Candace Rose: What are some of the most popular travel destinations?

Jennifer Dunyon: “I’m here at the Disneyland resort, and definitely for Spring Break this tops the list. It’s the most popular place to go, especially new Cars Land is driving people here. People are excited to ride the new Radiator Springs Racers. And next week at the new Disneyland resort, the new Fantasy Faire opens, and that’s where kid princesses can meet the real princesses in this regal setting right next to the castle. It’s going to be like this enchanted fairy tale that people are really looking forward to experiencing.”

Candace Rose: Where can travelers find the best deals?
Jennifer Dunyon: “Really, if you’re looking to come to the Disneyland resort, the company I work for Get Away Today– we’re the leading specialist here in Southern California. We’re able to negotiate the extra night free specials, reduced rates on all of your theme park tickets and really be able to get your family the very best customized deal. Also, our travel agents have been to all of our destinations and they’re able to give you those travel tips that make your vacation just right for your family.”

Candace Rose: Are there any hot spots flying under the radar?

Jennifer Dunyon: “Beach vacations are also hot for Spring Break. San Diego with their miles of pristine beach line- they are definitely a top pick, as well as Carlsbad. It’s been voted one of the top family destinations for 2013. It’s kind of an up and coming beach town that has great shopping, has lots of great things to do there.

Huntington Beach- “Surf City USA” has been very popular for Spring Break. This is great for guests that want to do the beach and the Disneyland vacation, and kind of combine the best of two worlds and maybe have a little bit longer extended stay and do a lot of everything.”


Candace Rose:  What are the top driving trends?

Jennifer Dunyon: “We’re seeing some Vegas vacations pop up for Spring Break. Year round that’s a very popular destination, but there are some last minute specials there.

San Francisco too, if you want to save about 30% over summer rates. Spring Break is a definite great time to travel there.

Scottsdale, Arizona too has got some good specials for Spring Break, and it’s one of the most beautiful times to travel there.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Jennifer Dunyon: “I’d say call today if you’re looking to going for Spring Break. It’s right around the corner, especially for families with their kids out of school. Call, go online, we’d love to help you at GetAwayToday.com. Like us on Facebook too, we have last minute Spring Break specials popping up daily right now where you’re able to get those great deals for Spring Break and even onto summer and fall vacations as well.”


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