Spring Home Improvement Ideas withThe Money Pit’s Tom Kraeutler

Are you planning on making any home improvements this spring? If you’re looking to spruce up your place, are on the hunt for the top new home improvement products for 2013 or looking to sell your home, you’re in luck. The Money Pit’s Tom Kraeutler joined me recently to dish on the top new home improvement products to ensure your home looks fabulous for spring, or if you’re planning to put it on the market.


Money Pit's Tom Kraeutler dishes home improvement ideas and top new buys for spring!

The Money Pit’s Tom Kraeutler dishes home improvement ideas and top new buys for spring!


Candace Rose: Opening the windows and doors for spring cleaning is an aged old tradition. Where do we start when it comes to home improvement?

Tom Kraeutler: “This is the season for spring cleaning and it’s also the season for spring home improvements, and thirdly it’s the time of year when folks start getting their homes ready to put on the market. So there’s lots of activity in the home improvement space right now. And what that means to most consumers is there are lots of options available for them with new products to make all of those things easier to do.

So why don’t we start by looking at the outside of your house and talk specifically about outdoor living. If you’re thinking about replacing your deck or restoring a deck that you have, here’s a product that can help: This is called Trex Enhance. It’s available at and in stock at the Home Depot. What makes this very unique is it’s actually covered with a protective shell. It’s very durable and it’s easy to clean, and it’s got a nice warranty attached to it. *Please see video above to watch Tom demonstrate how durable Trex Enhance is.* It’s a really impressive durable product if you’re thinking about replacing your deck or restoring an old deck. You can pull that pressure treated off the old deck and and just replace it with composite boards.”


Looking to restore your deck this spring? Tom Kraeutler recommends Trex Enhance.

The Money Pit’s Tom Kraeutler recommends Trex Enhance for your decking projects this spring.


Candace Rose: Spring is a time when companies roll out their new innovations for home improvement. What is big for 2013?

Tom Kraeutler: “Well, there’s a lot of new innovations in tools, so let me show you one (please see video above). The Black & Decker Cordless 36-Volt Lithium Ion Powered Trimmer and Edger is neat because of the battery platform. There’s so much power you can actually trim a mile long strip of grass on a single charge. It’s got a feature called Power Command which basically adjusts the trimmer so if you have really heavy overgrowth you can ramp it up. If you have lighter stuff to trim, you can ramp it down. So that’s a great,well designed product from a great brand- Black & Decker.

Another product that I’d like to talk about is inside the house, and this is for your bathroom- this is from Broan and NuTone, and this is the Ultra Humidity Sensing bath fan. What makes this unique is that it has a humidity sensor inside that knows that when the humidity rises in the bathroom it automatically kicks on and pulls all that moisture out. So what does that mean? Well, it means you’re not going to have fogged windows, you’re not going to have water stuck to the walls which is going to turn into mildew and mold growth and things like that. It really takes care of the whole thing, so I think that’s a really neat innovation from Broan and NuTone. It’s Energy Star qualified, it’s very very quiet and it’s an easy product to install today.”

The Broan and NuTone Ultra Humidity Sensing bath fan is one of the top home improvement products for spring.

The Broan and NuTone Ultra Humidity Sensing bath fan is one of the top home improvement products for spring.


Candace Rose: How about those who are looking to sell their homes? What are some easy and cost-effective improvements that will make their house ready to sell?

Tom Kraeutler: “Well, the number one thing that people want to do when they want to sell is clean up their house, obviously and declutter.

But paint, because you want all the rooms inside to be neutral so anyone that was looking at the house will be able to envision what their stuff is going to look like in your house. So if you’re going to paint, one thing that you’re going to want to do is make sure that you patch all the holes in the walls before you do that. And there’s a new product out that will actually save a step, it’s called Patch Plus Primer, and it’s available from 3M. And as the name implies, the primer is actually built into the patching compound. Now traditionally you would spackle a big hole and that spackle would shrink and crack. With this it doesn’t happen. It’s a really nice invention that helps you get the house ready quickly.

And no matter what you’re doing in the house, you want to make sure that you work safely. Take a look at the products available from 3M Tekk Protection- you have eye protection, you have respiratory protection and you have hearing protection. products that are really going to work together to keep you working safely. The eye protection in particular- a lot of folks think that sunglasses are going to protect them their eyes, but they really don’t. Safety sunglasses from the Holmes Workwear Collection are pretty stylish and also they have the hearing protection built right in on these lanyards. You can stick them in when you’re cutting the lawn or something like that, and then when you’re done you can pop it out and drop them down around your neck. When they make safety products that are convenient and comfortable, people will use them more frequently and that means projects will come out like they expect and also they’re going to do them safely.”

Holmes Workwear Collection Safety Sunglasses have hearing protection as well.

Holmes Workwear Collection Safety Sunglasses have hearing protection as well which is necessary when completing home improvement projects.


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Tom Kraeutler: “On MoneyPit.com we’ve got tips upon tips upon tips about the subject of spring home improvements, spring cleaning and getting your house ready for market we’ve also go information on the home page on all the products I talked about today.”


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