Photographer Paulette Tavormina’s “Photographs” at MARCH SF

New York City based fine art photographer Paulette Tavormina has gained fans throughout the world and been featured in such publications as The New York Times, Boston Globe, L’ Express, and Martha Stewart Living for her gorgeous photographs “that reflect the sumptuous detail of 17th century Old Master paintings.”

Her photographs are featured in museums and have been exhibited throughout the world in New York, Paris, London, Moscow and now San Francisco, California!

That’s right, Paulette’s gorgeous “photographs” of “food and flora that are reminiscent of Dutch, Spanish, and Italian still-lives of the Golden Age” will be exhibited for a limited time at MARCH in San Francisco from March 14th to June 1, 2013.

We’re honored to feature a few of “Photographs, an exhibition of Paulette Tavormina’s exquisite still lifes” that will be featured from March 14 – June 1st, 2013.


Figs and Morning Glories Photography.

Figs and Morning Glories Photographs, by Paulette Tavormina




Crabs Photography.

Crabs, by Paulette Tavormina



Pears Photography by Paulette Tavormina

Pears Photographs, by Paulette Tavormina



Cranberry Beans Photography, by Paulette Tavormina

Cranberry Beans, by Paulette Tavormina



Sour Cherries Photography, by Paulette Tavornina

Sour Cherries Photographs, by Paulette Tavornina



Watermelon Radishes

Watermelon Radishes, by Paulette Tavormina



Yellow Cherries and Crab Apples Photography, by Paulette Tavormina

Yellow Cherries and Crab Apples Photographs, by Paulette Tavormina

For more information or to see Paulette’s beautiful “photographs” from March 14 – June 1st please visit:

3075 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA

Paulette’s pieces will be available on an ongoing basis thereafter.


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