Last Minute Spring Cleaning Must Haves with Julie Edelman (Part 2 of 2)

With spring officially upon us and Easter just days away, “The Accidental Housewife” Julie Edelman joined me for a two part interview on how to multitask and clean your home this season. Yesterday she dished on some of her favorite cleaning products and even shared how to poach a salmon in your dishwasher. Today she was kind enough to talk about her favorite cleaning must haves, and appliances that are energy efficient!


The Accidental Housewife Julie Edelman dishes on her top spring cleaning must haves and appliances!

The Accidental Housewife Julie Edelman dishes on her top spring cleaning must haves and appliances!


Candace Rose: With the whole house to tackle, how can we save money while cleaning this spring?

Julie Edelman: “Well, I’m all about maintaining your home, your sanity and your manicure. I’ve partnered with some great companies and they’ve got some real products and tools that can actually help us multitask, which is what I’m all about.

Firstly, I love baking soda. Anything I can do with baking soda whether it’s deodorizing, whether it’s cleaning out stuffed drains, or just cleaning surfaces- it’s terrific. And now, Arm & Hammer has Ultra Power 4X liquid. It’s super concentrated, which means when I’m washing all of my linens and bedding from winter for spring it’s going to cost me 50% per load than the leading detergent. So I’m going to save money, but I’m going to get that great baking soda- I love that.

Next, I don’t know about you but I love my spray bottles, and this is part of my spring cleaning arsenal, but it’s also my all year round cleaning arsenal. Clorox has created smart tube technology, and what it means is they’ve got a built in tube inside that actually goes to the bottom so you get every last drop. No more missing out on that stuff. It comes in Clorox Clean-Up, Tilex, and 409. Candace, I’m wondering if my wine maker can also maybe come up with a technology similar so I don’t waste any of the drops of wine.

Next, when we’re doing our spring cleaning, and as I mentioned before, it’s about doing our quilts, our bedding, and maybe changing it out from winter to spring. Love this- it’s LG TurboWash Technology; it’s going to save us 20 minutes per load, it’s that efficient. Number two, it has an allergy reduction cycle which means with spring cleaning in particular it’s going to get rid of up to 95% of allergens like dust mites, and pet dander which are the things that cause us to sneeze. You can actually put a king sized comforter, as well as all the bedding in one wash, which also means you’re going to be saving some energy. This model has earned an Energy Star most efficient ranking which puts it in the top five percent of all in this category, so that’s very cool. Saving time, saving energy, and next I want to save my manicure.

The LG dishwasher with TrueSteam technology, and it means you virtually don’t have to pre-wash, so I love the fact that I can clear the table rather than go straight to the sink and do not stop at sink…go straight to the dishwasher. You put everything in there. It’s Energy Star qualified, and plus it’s got two other really cool features- it’s got a sanitary rinse option which is great because if you’re cutting raw meats, and you’ve got knives and other items you can put them in the dishwasher knowing they’re going to be thoroughly sanitized. Plus it’s got adjustable racks which I love. I like putting everything right into my dishwasher so you can make room for pots, dishes and for my wine glasses which usually I’ve got so scrunched up that they accidentally break.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else that we can do to save our sanity while cleaning this spring?

Julie Edelman: “There’s so many things; as I said it’s really important to multitask. Don’t expect to do everything at once, pick a chore and do it- whether it’s washing and doing all of your bedding, and your room, your children’s room or wherever else. Do it in parts. No one said just because it’s called spring cleaning, doesn’t mean it’s a race…so take your time because it’s about saving your sanity. Everything can be done, it’s just a matter of degree. And again, you’ll get it done, but most importantly with a lot of these things, it’s about making sure you take care of the things that are causing you the wheezing and sneezing. Be sure to get rid of anything and really clean those hidden areas of book shelves, plants and so forth that harbor a lot of the dust that we tend to overlook.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information, Julie?

Julie Edelman: “Just go to”

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