Home Depot and Lutron’s Energy Efficiency Do-It-Herself Workshop on Thursday

Home Depot is offering once a month Do-it-Herself workshops, with the first one starting tomorrow night. If you’ve ever though about installing dimmers in your home, but thought it was either too difficult or you’re terrified to work around electricity, you’re in luck. Tomorrow night’s workshop titled Energy Efficiency: Sensors and Dimmers, presented by Lutron is being offered at 6:30 PM – 8 PM (on March 21st) at nearly 2,000 Home Depot stores across the country, and will teach women how to install Lutron dimmers and occupancy sensors.

Lutron’s Communications Director Melissa Andresko joined me this morning for an interview to dish on what Do-It-Herself Energy Efficiency: Sensors and Dimmers, presented by Lutron attendees can expect from Home Depot’s workshop, how installing dimmers and sensors can save you on your electric bill and more!


Lutron's Communication's Director Melissa Andresko dishes on Home Depot's Energy Efficiency Do-It-Herself Workshop.

Lutron’s Communication’s Director Melissa Andresko dishes on Home Depot’s Energy Efficiency: Sensors and Dimmers, presented by Lutron Do-It-Herself Workshop. Image courtesy of Lutron

Candace Rose: Lutron’s teamed up with Home Depot to offer a national Do-It-Herself workshop. Can you tell us about it?

Melissa Andresko: “Home Depot has a lot of different workshops that they offer in their 2,000 plus stores around the country. Some of them are aimed at children, some are just named at any do-it-yourself person; but this series in particular is called Do-It-Herself and it’s geared towards women. Each month there’s a different home improvement topic that’s relevant to the season, and this Thursday at every Home Depot in the nation they are going to be teaching women how to select and install Lutron dimmers and occupancy sensors, and teach a little bit about how much energy they can save and some of the benefits that they will provide in the home.”




Home Depot's Do-It-Herself workshop Energy Efficiency: Sensors and Dimmers, presented by Lutron is taking place on Thursday, March 21st at 2,000 Home Depot stores across the country. Image courtesy of Lutron.

Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself workshop Energy Efficiency: Sensors and Dimmers, presented by Lutron is taking place on Thursday, March 21st at 2,000 Home Depot stores across the country. Image courtesy of Lutron.



Candace Rose: What else will Do-It-Herself attendees take away from the class?

Melissa Andresko: “Basically the biggest thing that we are hoping people are going to get out of it is just understanding how easy it truly is to install a dimmer. A lot of people have a little bit of uneasiness when it comes to electrical projects in the home, which is understandable. You do need to take precautions and be safe. And we really want to help people overcome that fear and show them that by turning off the power, you’re going to be safe. They’re going to see how they can actually use a power tester to make sure that there’s no current running through those lines, and see that you really need just one tool which is a screwdriver and that it can be done in about 15 minutes. It’s a really great easy do-it-yourself project that’s really going to impact the way your home looks as well.”


Candace Rose: And it’s supposed to save you money as well?

Melissa Andresko: “That’s correct. It varies depending on how much wattage your light bulbs are, how often you’re dimming and how much you’re dimming. But a typical savings is around $8 or so per year (per dimmer); and for a sensor it’s more along the lines of about $10 per year, per dimmer. The cool thing about a sensor is that you walk into a room, it automatically turns the lights on for you, the lights going to stay on while you’re in the space and then when you leave, it’s going to shut the light off. People are always yelling at their kids “who left the lights on”, trying to figure out what lights are still on in the house, and the sensor really helps alleviate all those problems. It’s a great place for laundry rooms and you’re carrying a basket full of clothing and trying to hit the light switch with your elbow; now you can just walk in and the light will turn on for you.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Melissa Andresko: “Sure. The cool I think about dimmers that people don’t realize is that they really truly save energy. You will not only notice a decrease in your monthly electricity usage, but it’s going to make your light bulbs last longer too. So many people are moving toward the more energy efficient bulbs like LED’s, CSL’s and most people don’t realize that you actually can dim those bulbs, and you can dim them very well. We’ve got a new collection out that lets you dim LED’s, CSL’s, or incandescence. It’s the same style as all of our other dimmers and it’s available in all the 20 or so colors that we offer. We’re definitely helping people make this transition to these energy efficient bulbs.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Melissa Andresko: “You can find us online at Lutron.com or you can like us on Facebook, which is just Facebook.com/Lutron. And on our Facebook page we actually offer a bunch of tips, and home improvement guides and some inspirational images for things you can do around your home with lighting.”

Candace Rose: Is there information on the workshop on your Facebook page?

Melissa Andresko: “There’s information on the workshop on our Facebook page, and you can also go to HomeDepot.com/DoItHerself. You can register right online, and the class is taking place on Thursday, March 21st from 6:30 to 8 PM. There will be gift bags given out on a first come, first serve basis. People will be able to get up close and personal with the dimmers, get hands on and see just how easy it is to do-it-herself.”


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