Healthy Meal and Snack Options with Health Advocate Terra Wellington Interview

With school, work and our hectic day-to-day schedules, sitting down for a healthy meal or even a snack can seem overwhelming. Most of us tend to grab the closest thing we can find regardless if it’s good for us or not. Health advocate Terra Wellington joined me this week for a two part series on how we can get healthy and fit for spring. Today she discussed her favorite meal and snack options for those of us on the go!


Health advocate Terra Wellington dishes healthy meal and snack options for families on the go!

Health advocate Terra Wellington dishes healthy meal and snack options for families on the go!





Candace Rose: So many families struggle with weight issues. Why do you think this is? What are some healthy alternatives?

Terra Wellington: “Well, because a lot of parents- both of them are working in the household and a recent study says when that is the case, then the families eating habits can suffer. And I’m here on behalf of several companies that I’ll talk about today that are going to give you simple and nutritious tips to get you started with breakfast and with snacking.”

Candace Rose: Mornings can be so hectic, what are some great easy breakfast options?

Terra Wellington: “Breakfast is a really important meal of the day and it really starts at the grocery store because if you choose wisely there then you can rest easy throughout the week.

So two tips for you: if you like cereal, you want to be a stickler with the nutritional label. Look for low calorie and high fiber. Those are really the keys. So nine out of 10 of us don’t get enough fiber, so it’s really important to get that fiber to stay satisfied.  Now for moms there’s a really great choice available nationwide, it’s the Fiber One 80 Calories Chocolate Cereal. It has a delicious chocolate flavor, I’ve tried it and it tastes really good. It has 80 calories and nine grams of fiber.

Now if you like eggs, you want to look for eggs with more nutritional value. You want to read the labels because not all eggs are the same and my family has personally used the Eggland’s Best eggs. Not only because it has great taste, but because it has the two times more vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids than regular eggs plus 10 times more vitamin E and 25% less saturated fat.”


Candace Rose: How about when it comes to the rest of the day, what are some great healthy snack options?

Terra Wellington: “Right, especially because often times those snacks are on the go and the key is to avoid that mindless snacking and mindless eating, the kind where you start and you don’t stop because that can put the weight on fast. You want to look for low calories and the nutritional values.

So two on the go examples would be one: protein bars, so you can look for Fiber One protein bars. They’re an on the go example of satisfying an afternoon craving with a calorie impact of 140 calories or less plus you get 20% of your daily fiber and six grams of protein in each bar.

My family loves popcorn so I like Popcorn Indiana’s Fit better-for-you popcorn. Not only is it delicious, it has a really light taste. It has 40 calories or less- just two grams of fat per cup, plus you get tons of whole grains so it’s no longer about trying to be a skinny person and eating tasteless diet food. There are so many great options out there.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Terra Wellington: “When it comes to dinner, the dinner menu is king. I suggest to you make a dinner menu over the weekend, pull from that what you need to purchase plus the pantry items and add it to a grocery list. Make sure you bring that grocery list to the store so you can avoid what I call the ‘impulse buying’ or the fast food buying at the grocery store so you can save time and be more healthy. And then you can save time during the week, you’ve already done your shopping, and you don’t have to do multiple runs to the grocery store.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Terra Wellington: “You can go to my website at I have links to everything I talked about plus additional tips as well.”


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