Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas for the Busy Family On The Go

Does it feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get breakfast, lunch and/or dinner ready? If you’re on the hunt for some healthy meal and snack shortcuts, or even just a little more time in your day, you’re in luck. Award winning health and nutrition expert, Sharon Liao joined me this week to dish on her favorite healthy shortcuts and time management tips for busy families on the go!


Award winning health and nutrition expert Sharon Liao dishes on her favorite healthy meal and snack shortcuts for busy families on the go!

Award winning health and nutrition expert Sharon Liao dishes on her favorite healthy meal and snack shortcuts for busy families on the go!






Candace Rose: Do you have any healthy meal suggestions to share with us? And what can busy families do to stay focused and on track?

Sharon Liao: “Well, it’s such a hectic time of year but I’ve got some great tips for the entire family. I’ve got everything from fast and delicious breakfasts to healthy snacks to having sustained energy throughout the day and some mealtime shortcuts.


So, Candace let’s start off with the mornings because they’re always so hectic. That’s why I recommend having a fast and delicious breakfast option on hand like these Delights by Jimmy Dean Flatbread Sandwiches. They come in three yummy flavors, and my favorite is their Turkey Sausage Egg and Cheese. Just pop them in the microwave for three minutes and you have breakfast on the go for less than 300 calories, which is so important.


Another thing that I really recommend that parents do in the morning is also stashing a healthy snack in their kids backpack, as well as their own suitcase or bag. So I really recommend a portable nutritious option like Zone Perfect nutrition bars. They come in 24 flavors, and they have a new Perfectly Simple line which is so great because it’s free of gluten, and preservatives, and it has delicious flavors like oatmeal and chocolate chip, so it really tastes like a treat. They also have a kids line with flavors that kids love like yellow cupcake, but it has 23 different vitamins in it. Although it tastes like a cupcake, you know your kid is at least getting some nutrition in his or her day.


One thing that I also recommend for moms and dads on the go is instead of reaching for some sugar or caffeine to perk them up midday is to look for something that will give them sustained energy without that crash. For instance, they might want to reach for an FRS Healthy Energy drink because it’s made with Quercetin, which is an antioxidant that’s found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and has been shown to improve your energy, endurance and immune system. If your viewers are interested in getting a coupon, they can go to the website:


And finally for families at meal time, my tip is to find some tasty shortcuts. So instead of putting the pressure on yourself to make everything from scratch, at the grocery store look for some pre-made sides like Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns. What I really like about these is that they’re made from real potatoes (fresh, never frozen), plus you don’t have to spend all that time peeling and chopping and cooking. You just simply heat and eat. You can have them as a side dish for a meal or you can incorporate them in a quiche or a casserole or even a potatoes gratin. You can serve it with a rotisserie chicken, maybe a side salad that you get bagged so you can have dinner on the table in minutes.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any time management tips to share with us?

Sharon Liao: “Absolutely, Candace. One time management tip that I have is for parents to multitask. Although it sounds really simple, for instance when your food is microwaving, take those two minutes to wipe down the countertops in your kitchen, or when your watching your favorite TV show maybe take that time to pay your bills or catch up on those thank you notes you’ve been meaning to write forever. Although it sounds like just two minutes here and there, it can really add up over a course of a day. You can save 30 minutes to an hour, which means an extra hour to yourself, and everyone needs an extra hour, right, Candace?


And one tip that I also recommend for families is to have a communications center. Although that sounds kind of like Star Trek or something like that, it’s really quite simple. It’s basically taking a large calendar and putting it somewhere where the entire family can see it, whether that’s the kitchen or the living room. And just tell anyone to write down any plans or business they have for the week. That way everyone will be on the same page and they’ll know what’s going on, so there won’t be any mixed signals.


And what I really recommend that families do is to schedule some family dinners a few times a week, that way you know in advance that there are set days that the entire family can sit down and eat together and catch up on what’s happening in their lives.”


Candace Rose: Where can viewers go for more information?

Sharon Liao: “Well, Candace, they can go to a couple of different websites: They can go to,,, and”





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