Health Advocate Terra Wellington Talks Nutrition On-The-Go Interview

With many of us on-the-go on a daily basis, it can be difficult to prepare a home cooked meal that is both nutritious and non-time consuming. If you’re overwhelmed or pressed for time, you’re definitely not alone. Health advocate Terra Wellington joined me twice this week to dish on her favorite healthy meal and snack options, and how we can curb obesity once and for all.


Health advocate Terra Wellington dishes her top nutrition must haves for people on-the-go!

Health advocate Terra Wellington dishes her top nutrition must haves for people on-the-go!


Candace Rose: Childhood obesity rates have tripled over the last 30 years and 1/3 of adults are obese. What is different today than 30 years ago that makes keeping the weight down so hard?

Terra Wellington: “Well, we used to walk more and then we didn’t sit in front of the screens on hours on end like we do now, and also we used to eat more healthfully and we had more reasonable portion sizes. I’m here on behalf of several companies that I’ll talk about today. We’re going to give some simple lifestyle tips and ways to make better choices.”

Candace Rose: What can two income families on the go do to eat healthier and curb calories?

Terra Wellington: “It’s a real struggle, but there are two solutions that I’ll present and one of them is if you’re going to eat out look for eateries that list the calories and nutritional data. Now this is part of a trend from a little known provision in the Affordable Healthcare Act that will really change what you eat when you eat out. An example of this would be: Panera Bread Bakery-Cafes because they were one of the first national restaurant chains to list the calories on their menu boards. Now right now there’s something fun that they’re doing, they have a hidden menu of power foods, lean proteins, complex carbs and veggies. The menu and nutritional information is found online and one of my favorite items from that list is the Chicken Hummus Bowl with Veggies, it’s only 330 calories.


Panera Bread's Hidden Menu of Power Foods!

Panera Bread’s Hidden Menu of Power Foods!


Now the second solution is try to have a sit down meal at least four times a week because research says that this can actually reduce the weight because you’re having to think about what you’re going to eat. Of course you’re going to want to cut the prep time down, so here’s a practical solution- Sea Cuisine, their Fire Roasted line of seafood is a 20 minute oven baked option for those that love seafood and are inspired by seafood while traveling and eating in restaurants. They have salmon, tilapia, and cod. Now this is a high protein, low in saturated fat option. You prepare the sides while it’s baking, and for those observing Lent, it’s the perfect time to try it.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else you can add to your diet to help you stay on track?

Terra Wellington: “Yeah, there’s a new supplement out there that you can check out, it’s called 5-HTP. It’s drug-free, it’s plant derived from an amino acid, and it’s a natural way to increase your serotonin levels which affects your mood, your thoughts, your sleep. It also helps to decrease your hunger. I’m a really big fan of those plant sourced products, so a good example of that would be Natrol’s 5-HTP in multiple formats. They have their fast dissolve for people on the go like me, and a time release option that works steadily and slowly throughout the day. They have health solutions for the entire family.”


Candace Rose: Wow, I had no idea. That’s (5-HTP) typically used for stress, isn’t it?

Terra Wellington: “Well, it can. If you need a little boost in your serotonin, than sometimes it can also help with your stress. All of these concerns you can talk with your physician about, but if you’d like more information and links to everything that I’ve talked about today, you can go to my website at”


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