Winter Budget Beauty Buys with “How to Look Expensive” Author Andrea Lustig

During the winter many of us suffer from common beauty woes like dry sensitive skin, acne, and brittle frizzy hair due to cold winter temps. It can be overwhelming to scour the shelves at our neighborhood drugstore or the net to find the perfect product that will fit our needs and our monthly beauty budget. Renowned beauty editor and “How to Look Expensive” author Andrea Lustig joined me recently to share her top four budget beauty buys this winter and share tips on how we can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank!

"How to look expensive" author and renowned beauty expert Andrea Lustig shares her top four winter budget beauty buys

“How to look expensive” author and renowned beauty expert Andrea Lustig shares her top four winter budget beauty buys!





Candace Rose: What can we do to look and feel our best this winter while sticking to a budget?

Andrea Lustig: “Well, you can find amazing high tech ingredients at the drugstore. I think women don’t realize that. One of the things I try to do is share that with them in my book, and today I’m going to share with you some of my favorites.

So let’s start with the face: In the winter what happens is your skin gets really dry, and it’s important to find multitasking products that will both moisturize your skin and deal with other skin woes, and some of my favorites including products from Neutrogena. I’m going to tell you about their Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser that’s made for sensitive skin. I think all women have sensitive skin this time of year with the weather, and this product for under $9 has a patented polymer technology that will actually protect your skin’s moisture barrier while at the same time removing all the dirt, grime, makeup, and everything we put on our face. So you get superior cleansing without the dry tight feeling you get from other cleansers, and all for under nine dollars.


I want to then move on and tell you about anti-aging products and I think many women think they have to go to the dermatologist or they have to go to a department store and spend the big bucks, but the truth is you can find amazing technology right at the drugstore. One of my favorite products is from Roc, it’s their Retinol Correxion Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System, and what it does is combine a lightweight moisturizer with retinol along with a resurfacing serum, and that will help you fade the look of wrinkles around your eyes, on your forehead. Users saw results in just seven days. One of the great statistics I love about this product, that really turned me onto it is it’s four times more effective than the fancy peels that celebrities go to the dermatologist to get. I don’t know if you’ve ever had those peels but they can cost up to $500 a shot, and this product is more effective- four times moreĀ  effective than having three of those peels (a whole series) at $27. I like to say it’s like having a dermatologist of your own in your own home, in your bathroom for under $27.”


Retinol Correxion Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System

Author Andrea Lustig’s favorite anti-aging product is the ROC Retinol Correxion Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System.

Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for those of us with acne or problem skin?

Andrea Lustig: “The problem with acne this time of year is your skin is dry to begin with and then you put on drying acne products, and your skin gets all red and irritated. So what do you do? One of my favorite new products is from Clean & Clear. It’s their Advantage Daily Soothing Acne Wash, and what’s soothing about it are some special ingredients that have never before been in a facial skincare product of this nature and are actually natural. It’s avocado as well as aloe, and those ingredients are mixed with high level maximum strength acne medication. So you get a product that fights the breakouts but it won’t dry out your skin, and I’ve turned everyone from my girlfriends to my teenage son onto this product because everyone deals with breakouts, even adults.”

Candace Rose: How about when it comes to hair woes?

Andrea Lustig: “Okay, well hair woes– I like to say that hair is the ultimate status symbol. That is when it looks shiny, gorgeous, glowing- like you’re walking down the red carpet. The problem is during the winter you lose that luster, you lose the shine. Your hair gets dull, and even worse for many of us, we get dandruff. So what are you supposed to do? Well, Aveeno has solved the problem. You don’t have to go to the yucky products that make your hair feel all yucky. These are products that previously you wouldn’t see at a salon. This is a product from Aveeno that is something you’d find at a salon. It is the Nourish + Dandruff Control and is sitting right on the shelf of your drugstore for $7 and it gives you that luxury hair look that will improve your scalp. It’ll get rid of the flakes and surround each strand with moisture. So I say it’s even a good choice for women who don’t have dandruff and who want a really moisturizing product in the winter to get back that shine and get that healthy gorgeous red carpet hair at home.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Andrea Lustig: “Well, I’d like to say that all these tips, and so many more great tips are inside my book which you can find on Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble- the usual places. My website is also a great place to go:, as well as the Facebook page for my book.

You can find great information, as I said I share my goldmine of information and beauty advice and just a few little nuggets I can tell you about is- I think I’ll share the FREE ones now since we went dirt cheap with the products- Things like smiling and your posture are really important and they can make a difference. They’re cheap, they’re free and can make you look like a million bucks. For me, what really is important, Candace is that when you look like a million bucks, you feel like a million bucks. So there’s really this mind body thing that goes hand in hand. Using products like this will make you feel great, and when you feel great, you look great. That’s a winning combination, especially if it won’t break your bank.”


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