Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day with “Cook Yourself Sexy” Author, Candice Kumai

With Valentine’s Day just days away, “Cook Yourself Sexy” author and Iron Chef judge, Candice Kumai joined me to share simple tips on how you can spice up the day, indulge and even carve out a little “me” time or “we” time!

Cook Yourself Sexy author Candice Kumai shares tips on how you can carve a little "me" time or "we" time on Valentine's Day! Image courtesy of Twitter.com/CandiceKumai

Cook Yourself Sexy author Candice Kumai shares tips on how you can carve a little “me” time or “we” time on Valentine’s Day! Image courtesy of Twitter.com/CandiceKumai



Candace Rose: With Valentine’s Day right around the corner what are some simple ways to be decadent and why is it so important to make time for simple indulgences?

Candice Kumai:  “Well, I think for Valentine’s Day especially, we think of chocolate and flowers right away, but there are millions of things we can do to indulge and relax and sort of unwind. One of things that I love to do- there are great recipes in here for date night dinners for two, and that’s actually the title of chapter 12 in “Cook Yourself Sexy.” There’s everything in here from a whole roasted chicken to one pot meals. If you want to do a big pot of oxtail with pappardelle noodles and fresh herbs, and things like that.

My big weakness in life is usually chocolate, and that’s how I find myself indulging. What I love to do is I like to make a Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa and I put it in my Keurig Brewer. I’ll make one cup, it’s under 100 calories, I have no guilt and all I want to do is just hang out on the couch and chill for the rest of the day. It takes me away to that point.”

Candace Rose: How can we carve out a little “me” time and “we” time?

Candice Kumai: “Well, I think when you really want more ‘me’ time it’s all about taking a walk, reading a book, going to the park, seeing a girlfriend- making a moment of time for yourself which is important. We’re all so busy, we don’t have any time to relax for ourselves.

‘We’ time is cooking together, bring your date over for Valentine’s Day and cooking together a really delicious homegrown meal. That’s going to make you both feel really good. Who doesn’t love coming home to a home cooked meal?”

Candace Rose: Is it possible to indulge and keep your New Year’s resolution?

Candice Kumai: “Absolutely. I think when people overindulge then they feel guilty and bad, and it’s just a vicious cycle that we continue. But if you just continue to change your lifestyle and eat better every day and eat in moderation and everything is allowed, it’s okay to indulge every now and then. And if you really need to kill a craving, I always say my Cafe Escapes with my Keurig Brewer keeps me on track too.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for spicing up the kitchen this Valentine’s Day?

Candice Kumai: “One recipe I always recommend to people from “Cook Yourself Sexy” is a chili-lime shrimp taco. Chili’s actually have capsicums that keeps your blood flowing and makes you excited, and the shrimp contains zinc which is really great for male reproductive health and male libido. So if you really want to spice up that love life you’ve got to learn to cook together.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Candice Kumai: “I say if you go to Facebook.com/CafeEscapes you’ll see a plethora of tips and tricks on how you can kill cravings or what new flavors they have out. All of these are under 100 calories, so they’re a great treat for you to have.

And on my website CandiceKumai.com I have my cookbooks and I talk about all these great tips and trips to cooking yourself sexy. And I think life’s greatest pleasures are one another, great food, great beverages, and just living a really great life.

The website to get your K Packs is GreenMountain.com.”



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