Is Your Guy Ready For Marriage and Should YOU Propose on Valentine’s Day with Dr. Seth Meyers

With Valentine’s Day just a little over a day away you may be wondering if you’ll be surprised with an engagement ring or if that guy you’ve been dating for the last few years is indeed ready for marriage. Renowned relationship expert Dr. Seth Meyers joined me recently to discuss how to know if you’re significant other is ready for marriage, if it’s ever okay for a woman to propose, whether or not you should ask the parents for permission, and the “Most Epic Proposal Ever” contest!



Relationship expert Dr. Seth Meyers discusses whether or not your significant other is ready for marriage, how to propose and the "Most Epic Proposal Ever" contest. Image courtesy of

Relationship expert Dr. Seth Meyers discusses whether or not your significant other is ready for marriage, how to propose and the “Most Epic Proposal Ever” contest. Image courtesy of




Candace Rose: With engagement season upon us and Valentine’s Day just a few days away, how do you know if your significant other is ready for marriage?

Dr. Seth Meyers: “Well, you know your significant other is ready for marriage if you’ve basically had a lot of good conversations about some very important things in your future. When you talk about marriage you know he’s ready if he doesn’t feel overtly anxious. If his body language shows that he feels relaxed and calm, these some are some of the things to look for.”

Candace Rose: Should a women ever propose or should it be left up to the guy?

Dr. Seth Meyers: “I think it’s fine if a woman proposes. I think the only caveat is if she does propose she needs to make an effort to not overdo it so that she emasculates him in some way. A lot of guys want to be the one to handle it, to take the reigns and control. So if the woman wants to propose, go ahead, but maybe don’t get a ring. And if you get a ring, maybe do a promise ring instead of a real true engagement ring.”


Candace Rose: Should you talk to his parents first?

Dr. Seth Meyers: “Yes. Asking for permission is a really important part the proposal process. Make sure to include the parents in the whole process of what will really be better for everyone in the long run.”

Candace Rose: How do you know if it’s right?

Dr. Seth Meyers: “You know if it’s right if this relationship is significantly different from the others that didn’t work in the past. So there’s not a lot of fighting, there’s not a lot of bickering, there’s not a lot of nagging. Each person sort of neatly fits together and life is relatively smooth.”


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the “Most Epic Proposal Ever?”

Dr. Seth Meyers: “Yes, from now until the end of the month, Zales and Iberostar Hotels, they are running a contest to look for the most epic proposal ever. You may have seen some online videos of some really over the top proposals, well this is the chance for guys to really wow their girlfriend with an over the top stunning celebration- a proposal that will take place at Iberostar resort in Mexico. This is something that they’ll win so it’ll be a free trip and the proposal will take place at the resort. They also will win a Zales Celebration Fire Diamond engagement ring, so it’s a really terrific opportunity for guys who are ready to pop the question and really do so in a big way.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Dr. Seth Meyers: “Well, I have a few rules of engagement and you can find them at You can also find great information about the contest, all the rules, everything a guy needs to know who is ready to propose.


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