How to Prevent Relationship Blunders with Relationship Expert, Andrea Syrtash

Valentine’s Day is often considered the most romantic day of the year, but for couples who have been in unhealthy relationship on the big day, it can be anything but that. Relationship expert, Andrea Syrtash joined me this week to discuss the biggest relationship no-nos, how to know if your relationship is headed south and how you and your significant other can plan a great date night to remember.

Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash discusses the biggest relationship no-nos and how you and your significant other can enjoy a fabulous date night!

Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash discusses the biggest relationship no-nos and how you and your significant other can enjoy a fabulous date night! Image courtesy of




Candace Rose: What are some bad habits when it comes to Valentine’s Day?

Andrea Syrtash: “Well, I think a lot of us get into the habit of thinking that it doesn’t matter, that it’s overrated, that we’re tired of it, it’s expensive. But really it’s an excuse to celebrate your love and any excuse to put focus on your relationship is good in my book. We interviewed a lot of people at and we found that sometimes resentment because one of the partners thought it doesn’t matter and the other one was expecting something, and nothing happened. Put a little time and effort in and you’ll be okay.”

Candace Rose: What are the biggest relationship no-nos?

Andrea Syrtash: “Well, in general, again at Bing we interviewed people about some of the mistakes people are making. Technology was cited a bunch of times. 46% of respondents admitted to spying on their partner by reading his or her emails. Not good. A big relationship no-no is not trusting your partner. If you’re constantly logging in and checking his or her email, you have to ask yourself what are you doing in this relationship, because trust is the foundation of a relationship. 85% of people we spoke to said trustworthiness was more important than good in bed, humor, riches, so you have to really trust your partner and if you don’t, there’s a larger issue there.”


Candace Rose: How can people plan a great date night?

Andrea Syrtash: “Unlike Google, what Bing actually does is it has Social Search, which is another element of search. If you type into your search engine ‘Great new restaurant’ it won’t just show you restaurants in your area (it will do that on the left side) but on the right side it will show you social search which is where your Facebook friends have said about certain restaurants, what people on Twitter are talking about certain restaurants in your neighborhood. So you can actually use your friends as a resource for great ideas. Bing will gather all that information for you.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Andrea Syrtash: “I think in general we need to know when to power off. So technology is fantastic, like I said for searching for great ideas for date nights. It’s really bad when we don’t know when to put our phones away. If you’re at dinner and your constantly on your phone and you’re actually communicating a message that the email I’m sending right now, the person I’m speaking to right now is more important than you are, which is not the message you want to send. It’s really about knowing when to power off. You’ll always have emails in your inbox, Facebook alerts, it’s just about creating some boundaries.”


Candace Rose: Where can viewers go for more information?

Andrea Syrtash: “For more great date ideas they can go to and they should take the Bing It On Challenge to see why Bing is a great search engine.”


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